Avoid these cabins on MSC Seascape!

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the cabins to avoid on msc seascape

Hello cruise lovers, and welcome to another article. This time, we will be talking about the cabins to avoid on MSC Seascape. It is a ship that I’ve been on, so I can give you some interesting facts about its cabins.

Avoid cabins with an obstructed view

Let’s start right away with the cabins that, in my opinion, should be absolutely avoided: those with a partially obstructed view. If you are familiar with MSC’s deck plans, you will know that those cabins are marked with a half-colored circle.

I’ll leave you the legend below here so that you can check it.

cabin legend msc seascape

On MSC Seascape, the view is basically obstructed by parts of the ship, usually metal parts or protruding decks. Those cabins to avoid are the numbers 12002 and 12003 on deck 12, 13002 and 13003 on deck 13, and also the cabins numbers 14002, 14003, 14004 and 14005 on deck 14.

As you can see, there are only 8 cabins with obstructed views on this ship, a pretty low number. I have to admit that companies are becoming better and better at designing ships and are getting able to contain the number of cabins with these kinds of problems.

Lower cabins on the front of the ship

The last time I was on Seascape, I had a cabin with a window on deck number 5. I usually go for balconies, but I had found a good offer for that cabin at that time.

The problem was that the cabin was also at the very front of the ship and was quite noisy during docking maneuvers. If you didn’t know, big cruises have bow thrusters that are placed near the bow to improve maneuverability.

There was absolutely no noise during the cruise or at night, which was nice, but sometimes the ship enters ports quite early in the morning. Therefore, I advise you to avoid these kinds of cabins if you’re a person who likes to sleep till late.

Other cabins that may be noisy

Another thing I would ask you to pay particular attention to is connecting cabins.
These are cabins that have an interior door connecting them. The door can be open if you have booked both cabins, or locked if you have booked only one.

They have a small connecting line on the deck plan. Below here is a portion of deck 10.
Check closely cabins numbers 10125 and 10129, 10149 and 10153, 10118 and 10122, 10142 and 10146. Do you see that there is a line that goes through both booths? It means that they are connecting cabins!

connecting cabins on msc seascape

I do not like these types of cabins and always try to avoid them. The doors are well soundproofed but, in my opinion, never as soundproof as a cabin wall can be.
In addition, to tell you the truth, I really don’t like this thing of having a door (even if it is closed) with another room!

Other noisy cabins may be those under the pool deck, under the restaurant, or under the buffet. On MSC Seascape, all of these activities are located on deck 16. Consequently, I would avoid cabins that are right below deck 15. (I will leave you a pic of both decks so that you can clearly see the positions: deck 15 is the top one, and 16 is the bottom one).

cabins of deck 15 and 16 on msc seascape

Instead, I recommend choosing a cabin from deck 10 to deck 14. In that way, you will have both above and below you only other cabins.

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