The 7 Biggest Water Slides on a Cruise Ship!

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biggest water slides on a cruise ship

Water slides are fun but they’re even more fun on a cruise ship.

In this article, I’ve ranked the biggest slides on cruise ships based on their height and length.

It was a challenging task, considering both dimensions to determine which truly stands out. Can you guess the winner?

7. Supercell on Royal Caribbean

Supercell on Harmony of the Seas
Supercell on Harmony of the Seas

The Supercell slide on Royal Caribbean is part of the Perfect Storm trio of water slides, which also includes the Cyclone and Typhoon slides (that we will find later in the ranking).

The Supercell is loved for its “champagne bowl” design. Basically, the riders slide into a large bowl, circling several times before exiting into the Beach Pool.

On some ships, it is higher than on others. For example, on Harmony of the Seas, it is suspended five decks above the ship’s Central Park. You can see it on the right in the photo above.

To enjoy the Supercell slide, guests must meet a minimum height requirement of 48 inches or 1.22 meters.

Like all water slides on Royal Caribbean ships, the Supercell is complimentary, with no additional cost.

6. Tidal Wave on Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas

Tidal Wave cruise ship water slide

The Tidal Wave slide on Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas is the first of its kind at sea.

I don’t know if you can understand how it works from the pic but it is a big boomerang-style slide.

There is a steep drop at the beginning that propels you up a nearly vertical wall for a moment of weightlessness before free-falling back down.

I’ve tried it myself and I can say it’s super fun and I love it!

It’s an exclusive on Liberty of the Seas and you can find it on deck 13.

5. Typhoon and Cyclone on multiple ships

Typhoon and Cyclone water slides on cruise ship

Typhoon and Cyclone are two of the most famous water slides by Royal Caribbean. You can find them on a wide variety of ships and I’m sure many of you have already tried them.

They are twisting, racer-style slides. You can race with a friend to see who reaches the bottom first. This adds an element of fun competition to the slide experience.

These slides are also suspended five decks above the ship’s Central Park and are just a little bit smaller than Supercell.

Generally, the requirement to enjoy them is a minimum height of 48 inches or 1.22 meters, but height restrictions can vary by ship​​.

4. Ocean Loops on Norwegian Joy, Bliss, and Encore

Ocean Loops waterslide on Norwegian cruise

The Ocean Loops is a water slide that you can find on three ships by Norwegian Cruise Line: Joy, Bliss, and Encore.

It is a closed-tube slide featuring two loops that extend out over the ship’s side, providing riders with breathtaking views of the ocean from a height of 159 feet above sea level.

The slide starts with a steep hatch drop, where a panel opens underneath the rider’s feet.

A fun fact about this water slide is that there have been instances where riders didn’t gain enough momentum to complete the loop and got temporarily stuck in it.

Thankfully, there is an emergency exit door and these situations are handled quickly by the ship’s crew.

Since it is a slide with a rather particular curvature it has specific weight requirements. Riders must be at least 48 inches tall and weigh between 130 pounds to 300 pounds.

I’ve never tried it but it looks so fun and it’s definitely on the list of the next ones I want to try.

3. AquaDuck on Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy

AquaDuck waterslide on Disney cruise

The AquaDuck is an innovative waterslide found on Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy.

It’s renowned for being the first water coaster at sea, offering guests a thrilling ride that combines the excitement of a roller coaster with the fun of a waterslide.

Riders aboard a two-person raft are propelled through 765 feet of clear tubing, extending over the edge of the ship and through the forward funnel, providing stunning views of the ocean and ship below.

This slide is both high and very long. I recommend you try it!

2. Free Fall on Norwegian Cruise Line’s Breakaway, Getaway, and Escape

Free Fall waterslide on Norwegian Cruise

The Free Fall water slide is known as the fastest water slide at sea, and the name says it all!

Riders start by standing on a trap door that opens beneath them. It’s a fast descent followed by a loop extending out over one side of the ship.

It’s considered a water slide for thrill-seekers and for the passengers who love adrenaline. Don’t miss it if you travel with Norwegian Cruise Line’s Breakaway, Getaway, or Escape.

1. The Blaster on Royal Caribbean’s Navigator of the Seas

The Blaster waterslide on Royal Caribbean

The Blaster on Royal Caribbean’s Navigator of the Seas is the biggest water slide on a cruise ship.

Like the one on Disney, also the Blaster is an aqua coaster that propels riders through over 800 feet of hills, drops, and straightaways.

Some parts of it extend over the side of the ship and offer a unique view and experience.

Let me know in the comments if you have tried it!

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