10 Cabins You Must Avoid on Norwegian Cruise Line!

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cabins to avoid on norwegian cruise line

Hello, cruise enthusiasts! I hope you’re doing well. Today, we’re going to discuss the cabins you should avoid on Norwegian Cruise Line.

I’ll detail 10 specific cabins, each presenting its own unique challenges—be it an obstructed view, a noisy location, or other specific issues we’ll explore together.

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1. Norwegian Epic cabins with showers that open directly into the cabin

Separate bathroom on Norwegian Epic
Separate bathroom on Norwegian Epic

I don’t want to exaggerate, but the bathroom design of the Norwegian Epic might be the worst I’ve ever encountered on any cruise line.

They basically decided to separate the toilet on one side and the shower on the other side, both with frosted glass doors.

There is a curtain that can be drawn for more privacy but I honestly have little to no words. Maybe it could still be ok for a couple, but if you are traveling with family or friends it would probably feel weird.

I don’t know what NCL was thinking when they approved this design. Again, I would definitely advise against choosing them.

2. Cabins above the theater/nightclub

Beatles show on a NCL Ship
Beatles show on a NCL Ship

On many NCL ships, the theater turns into a nightclub late at night. Strobe lights are lit on the stage, disco music is put on, and all passengers can get wild and dance to their favorite songs.

What’s the only problem? Well, it’s that there are cabins right above the theater and the disco music might be heard.

From my experience with other cruise lines, modern ships are well soundproofed, but if you are particularly sensitive to noise you may still experience some discomfort.

To avoid these unpleasant problems, it is best not to choose cabins that are located right above the theater.

3. Cabins next to spa, hair salon, and fitness center

On some NCL ships, different cabins are located next to public areas that can be particularly noisy during the day.

For example, there are cabins just next to the spa, the hair salon, and the fitness center.

These areas can be very noisy during the day, but in most cases, they are closed during the night.

Therefore, I recommend avoiding these cabins especially if you like to take afternoon naps or if you go to bed extra early.

4. Cabins at the very front or very back of the ship

Front of the ship on NCL
Front of the ship on NCL

Location on the deck is also very important if you are looking for a great cabin.

Usually, the cabins you should avoid are those that are extremely forward or extremely aft. These cabins are more affected by wave movement and could cause or worsen seasickness.

If they are available, choose cabins that are located in the middle of the deck.

5. Obstructed view cabins

Like basically all cruise lines, Norwegian has some cabins that may have obstructed views.

There are usually lifeboats or mechanical parts of the ship in front of the balcony or window that have this problem.

Pay attention to these cabins while booking and always avoid them. I know some passengers who had a 100% obstructed view and could not see even a tiny bit of the ocean.

Another thing I do not recommend is to book a “guaranteed cabin.” In this case, NCL will automatically assign you the cabin number.

This is something I do not like and do not recommend. I prefer to personally check the cabins on the ship plan before booking and choose the cabin number I want.

6. Cabins that have a slide in front of the balcony

slide balcony ncl
Slide in front of a balcony on NCL

This title probably made you laugh, but I assure you that there are indeed cabins on Norwegian that have slides right in front of them.

It’s something that happens on new ships, particularly Norwegian Prima and Norwegian Viva. These ships have several dry slides that curl to the sides and go down many decks.

As you can see from the photo below, they also go through some of the balconies.

slide near balconies norwegian
Slide near balconies on Norwegian

The slides close in the evenings and no noise can be heard when the balcony door is closed, however, if you want to enjoy a peaceful breakfast or afternoon snack on your balcony I recommend avoiding these staterooms.

7. Connecting Rooms

Connecting cabins should not be chosen if you only need to book one. I already told you this in the article on cabins to avoid on Carnival ships.

As I told you, if you only book one, the interior door between the two cabins will be locked. However, this door is always less soundproof than a cabin wall, so if you find noisy neighbors it could be a problem.

On NCL ship plans, connecting cabins are indicated by a small double-ended arrow, so you can easily spot them.

8. Balconies with a metal frame

privasea enclosed balcony on ncl
PrivaSea enclosed balcony on NCL

When you choose the balcony on a cruise, it is because you want to enjoy the view to the fullest!

The problem is that some cabins on many Norwegian ships have a metal frame that narrows the view below and a little on the sides too.

We’ve already talked about these cabins for other companies, they are called metal balustrade cabins on MSC or cove balconies on Carnival.

NCL prefers to call them “PrivaSea Balcony staterooms,” no doubt a nice name but they are trying to mask something that is less attractive.

9. Cabins with a porthole 

ncl porthole cabin
Porthole cabin on Norwegian

Another thing I don’t like about the “cabin selection process” for NCL is that is a bit hard to tell if an exterior cabin has a small porthole.

If you don’t know it, a porthole is a smaller round window you can usually find on cruise ships. They are quite small so let less light in and offer a more limited view than traditional windows.

Consequently, if you want to book an outside cabin be careful to check the category on the official Norwegian Cruise Line website.
Make sure it is a standard ocean view, with no porthole and no obstructed view.

10. Cabins under the pools or the buffet

pool deck on ncl
Pool deck on NCL

The cabins you should definitely avoid are those that are located under the pools or under the buffet.

Usually, these cabins are those that are on the highest floor and thus have the pool deck above them.

Unfortunately, if you have the balcony door open you may hear the shouts of people in the pool or music from the entertainment activities on the pool deck.

In addition, you may hear noises coming from heavy objects being moved. For example, pool loungers or trolleys from the buffet, which is usually also located on the same deck.

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