Cruise Ships with Go-Karts: Full list and Track Details!

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cruise ships with go karts

The other day I was writing an article about all the fun things to do on a cruise ship.

At one point I had an epiphany because I remembered that some cruise ships even have go-kart tracks on board. What could be more fun than that?

So I thought I would write this article to help you find out which ships have go-karts (since there are not many) and what kind of tracks they have.

Cruise Ships with Go-Karts

As of 2024, only 5 cruise ships have a go-kart track on board and they are all Norwegian Cruise Line ships. We are talking about:

  • Norwegian Joy
  • Norwegian Bliss
  • Norwegian Encore
  • Norwegian Prima
  • Norwegian Viva

They are among the largest in NCL’s fleet, with Norwegian Encore being the largest overall.

The first go-kart track was introduced in 2017 with Norwegian Joy, and the last one was built on Norwegian Viva in 2023.

Norwegian Joy

The go-kart track on Norwegian Joy
The go-kart track on Norwegian Joy

Norwegian Joy was built in 2017 and was the first cruise ship in the world to have a fully equipped Go-Kart track.

The track was built by RiMO Supply (a company of the RiMO Group), a world leader in rental karts and tracks.

It is 790 feet (240 meters) long and has a fun zig-zag setting. The electric carts can reach up to 19 mph (30km/h) and sound identical to mini racing cars.

Norwegian Bliss

The go-kart track on Norwegian Bliss
The go-kart track on Norwegian Bliss

After receiving positive reviews, NCL has decided to add the go-kart track also on Norwegian Bliss.

It was not only the second ship with such a feature but the track was also improved and expanded.

The Norwegian Bliss track is 1,000 feet long (305 meters), and the electric carts can speed up to 30 miles per hour (48 km/h).

The go-karts on Norwegian Bliss are also designed to cater to both solo and duo riders. Therefore, this ship is perfect for those who wish to ride with a child.

Like on the previous one, the karts are electric but emit gas engine sounds to enhance the racing experience.

Norwegian Encore

The go-kart track on Norwegian Encore
The go-kart track on Norwegian Encore

Norwegian Encore is NCL’s largest ship, and as a result, the go-kart track has also been lengthened.

The one on this ship reaches 1,100 feet. Moreover, the track on Encore includes a section that juts out 13 feet over the edge of the ship, offering racers a unique over-the-ocean driving sensation.

In addition, the upgrade includes a covered viewing area placed in the center of the track. It allows spectators to watch the race up close, and to be covered in case of rain.

A “gaming part” was also added to the experience. Spectators can interact with the race by using laser guns to provide boosts to their favorite drivers. I really liked this addition; it’s a fun way to involve other cruise passengers who are watching the ride.

Norwegian Prima

The go-kart track on Norwegian Prima
The go-kart track on Norwegian Prima

Norwegian Prima was the first of a new class of NCL ships namely the “Prima Class“.

With this new class of ships, the racing track has once again been improved and expanded.

It has now become a massive three-deck, 1,375-foot-long go-kart track with 14 turns, named the Prima Speedway.

The ones on Norwegian Prima and Norwegian Viva are the largest racing tracks on cruise ships. However, the Speedway dominates a significant area of the top deck, leading to a smaller main pool and lido deck area beneath the track.

A thing that I want to highlight is that, on this ship, the track’s design also causes noticeable noise in the lido deck area from the racing action above. I’m not a huge fan of this!

Norwegian Viva

The go-kart track on Norwegian Viva
The go-kart track on Norwegian Viva

Norwegian Viva is a sister ship to Norwegian Prima so the go-kart tracks are basically identical on these two ships.

The one on Norwegian Viva is also 1,375 feet long (about 420 meters) and has many descents and ascents since it extends over 3 decks.

For safety reasons, the seed is limited to 27 mph (about 44 km/h) but I can guarantee you that it’s still a very fun track.

Frequently asked questions regarding go-karts on a cruise

I’ve noticed there are a lot of questions and concerns about go-karts on cruise ships.
I will try to answer some of the most frequent questions. Let me know in the comments if you still have any doubts that I can help you with.

Do you have to pay for go-karts on cruise ships and how much do they cost?

Yes, you have to pay to use go-karts on cruises. The price for a single race on NCL is 15$. Alternatively, you can purchase an Unlimited Pass for 199.95$.

How tall do you have to be to go-kart on Norwegian?

Safery Information for the Norwegian Speedway
Safery Information for the Norwegian Speedway

The height requirements are a minimum of 55 inches (1.40 meters) and a maximum of 82 inches (2.08 meters).

What is the weight limit for NCL go-karts?

The weight limit is set at a maximum of 265 pounds (120 kilograms). There’s no minimum weight requirement.

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