How Much Does a Cruise Cost? All Prices for 2024!

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How much do you pay to go on a cruise? This is a very common question but it is not easy to answer concisely.

When talking about the price of cruises we must consider that each company offers different services.

Some cruise lines only include the cost of the cabin and food in the price, while others also include drinks, excursions, and entertainment.

So let’s see what the average prices are for the most famous cruise companies!

The price of a cruise

The price of a cruise can vary a lot. In general, we can say that the minimum price is $50 per day with very inexpensive cruise lines. While for more expensive or luxury cruise lines you can even exceed $1000 per day.

According to my calculation, if we consider the biggest cruise lines (so excluding the luxury ones) the average cost per person for a cruise is $1700 per week (8 days and 7 nights).
That means that the average daily price for a cruise is $212,50 per person.

Comparison Table of the Average Price For a Cruise With Different Cruise Lines

Below you can see a more detailed comparison table with some of the biggest cruise lines. The prices refer to an 8-day cruise line in a balcony cabin (obviously per adult person).

As you can see “Costa Cruise” is the cheapest with an average total of $1300 per person. On the other hand, the cruises by Disney are the most expensive ones with an average total of $2650 per person.

Cruise lineCruise fareDrinks packageService FeeTotal
Costa Cruises$900$310$90$1300
MSC Cruises$990$430included$1420
Carnival$960 $420$110$1490
P&O Cruises$1280 $360included$1640
Princess Cruises$1150$420$110$1680
Royal Caribbean$1150$485$110$1745
Celebrity Cruises$1080$625$130$1835
Norwegian Cruise Line$1365$695$140$2200
Disney Cruise Line$2550not available$100$2650

The average cost of a cruise for 2

Generally speaking, there is no discount if you book for two people instead of one person.
So the average cost for a 2-people cruise, according to my calculation model, is $3400.

It’s different if the second person is a kid or a person under 18 or 21 years of age. On some cruises, children pay a discounted rate.

What’s included in the price?

chart of what's included and not included in the cruise price

Cruise tickets generally include the cabin, all the meals at the restaurant and the buffet, some basic drinks water, tea and coffee) and entertainment.

You have to consider that everything else would be an extra cost. The things you have to pay for on a cruise ship are specialty dining, alcoholic or soft drinks, service fees, spa, casino, internet connection, and excursions.

Also consider that some cruises offer promotions and rates that include some extras already in the price of the cruise.
For example, some cruise lines allow you to book with the “All Inclusive” formula which includes all meals but also all types of drinks.

Frequent questions

What is the average cost of a Disney Cruise?

The average cost of a Disney Cruise is $2650 per person in a balcony cabin for 7 nights.
Of all the major cruise lines, Disney is the most expensive.
This is above all due to the unique experience that these cruises are able to offer, linked to the iconic characters of the animation company.

What is the average cost of a 7-day Alaska cruise

Most Alaskan cruises range from 7 to 14 days. For a 7-day Alaska cruise, the prices can go from $1000 to over $10000.
The average cost for a 7-day Alaska cruise is $1500.

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