How to Cheat Royal Caribbean Drink Package? The Only Method!

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cheat the royal caribbean drink package

The other day I was browsing through one of the many Facebook groups dedicated to Royal Caribbean, and I was surprised by a unique question.

A girl was asking if it is possible to cheat on the Royal Caribbean beverage package, and if so, how to do it.

The responses under that post were very striking to me because there were people who came up with everything. I can say with utmost confidence that none of those methods work.

There is only one method to cheat with Royal Caribbean drink packages: it’s sharing!

Let’s explore how it’s done, why it’s possible, and why you should refrain from doing it.

The Only Working Method to cheat with drink packages!

I was saying that the only method of cheating is through package sharing. This is possible because the Soda and Refreshment packages on Royal Caribbean can be purchased by only one person in the cabin.

If you wanna cheat you can share the package with someone else who did not purchase it.

Is this something allowed by the cruise line’s rules? No, it is not!

According to Royal Caribbean policy, the package is strictly personal and cannot be shared with anyone.

Does the sharing method work?

sharing a drink on royal caribbean
Sharing a drink with a friend

Yes, it works but there is still a risk of being caught.

You will have to be very discreet when ordering drinks and should not exceed a certain amount.

From the information I have, Royal Caribbean may control the amount of drinks you consume.

You understand that if it turns out that you have had 40 drinks in one day, it becomes suspicious.

In case they determine that you have shared drinks with another person they can suspend your package without refund and charge you for the extra drinks you shared.

It’s almost impossible to cheat with alcoholic beverages

As I said in the article on all the Royal Caribbean drink packages, the deluxe package has a different policy.

Since that package includes alcoholic beverages, if a passenger buys it all the other adults in the same cabins must do the same.

With this rule in place, it will be almost impossible to cheat with alcoholic beverages.

The only way around that will be if you know someone who’s not in the same cabin as you.

cocktail by the pool
A cocktail by the pool

Is it worth cheating?

I don’t think it’s worth it at all.

First, for an ethical reason. Thousands of people work on cruise ships, and sharing drinks creates economic harm to the entire industry.

Secondly, because of the consequences that might occur.

If you are caught, you could ruin your entire vacation just to save a few dollars.

I have never cheated on cruise ships, and you shouldn’t either!

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