MSC Bella, Fantastica or Aurea: full comparison! (I tried them all)

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msc bella, fantastica and aurea

Hello everyone, and welcome back to my blog. If you don’t know me, I’m Leo, and I’m an Italian cruise lover. I specify that because it means I’ve traveled many times with MSC (which is an Italian company, even if it’s based in Switzerland).

Today we talk about the different experiences offered by MSC: Bella, Fantastica, and Aurea. I will explain the differences and tell you which one I prefer.

What is the Bella experience on MSC?

Let’s start with Bella. It’s the basic treatment offered by the company and includes:

  • A fully equipped cabin
  • A high-quality buffet open 20 hours a day
  • Broadway-style theater shows, a different one every night
  • Outdoor pools and sports facilities (power walking track, basketball…)
  • Fully equipped gym
  • Entertainment activities for adults, teenagers, and children
  • Choice of dinner time
  • Cruise change for a fee
  • MSC Voyagers Club points

You can have access to but at an additional cost:

  • Breakfast in the cabin
  • 24-hour room service
  • Access to a private solarium
  • Special events for children

I’ve traveled with the Bella experience twice. I think it’s quite a nice option; most of the services are included except room service, which I honestly never use on a cruise. The only big problem for me is that you cannot choose the cabin number, but it will be automatically assigned.

If you’ve read one of my “cabins to avoid” articles, you should know how picky I am with cabins. I hate cabins with connecting doors, cabins at the very front or the very back of the ship…in short, I like to choose my cabin. That’s why, with all my other cruises with MSC, I’ve opted for the Fantastica experience that we will see in a minute.

What is the Fantastica experience on MSC?

The Fantastica experience is the middle choice. Perfect if you want to have some special benefits without paying too much. Things that are included with Fantastica are:

  • Choice of the cabin number
  • 1 free cruise change (under certain conditions)
  • Breakfast in the cabin (complimentary)
  • 24-hour Room Service (with a delivery fee)
  • 50% discount on fitness classes (e.g., yoga)
  • Recreational activities for children
  • Priority in choosing dinner time
  • Option to book a “Super Family” cabin for the whole family (5+ people)

As you may have guessed, the most important thing that differentiates it from the previous experience is the choice of cabin number. If it is important to you, choose MSC Fantastica; otherwise, I recommend you stay with MSC Bella.

The other benefits, at least to me, don’t matter so much. Maybe only the free cruise change can be interesting, but you must still rebook within a certain time frame. Regarding the room service, I think the standard cruise rooms are too small for eating in the cabin.

What is included in the MSC Aurea experience?

MSC Aurea is very different from the previous ones. It’s the experience you must choose if you want to book a suite, and is designed for those seeking a vacation dedicated to wellness and relaxation.

It includes all the benefits of the previous experiences plus:

  • Free access to the exclusive solarium to enjoy the sun in complete tranquility.
  • Wellness package including: sun shower, welcome cocktail, personalized wellness consultation, access to the wellness area.
  • Relaxation amenities in every cabin (bathrobe and slippers).
  • Priority boarding and luggage service (only on the day of boarding).
  • Maximum flexibility while booking (according to terms and conditions).
  • Flexible dinner time in the dedicated area of the restaurant.

I’ve traveled with the Aurea experience only once because I wanted to book a suite. It was nice, but nothing special really. If you want a totally different experience with 24-hour concierge and butler, you have to choose the MSC Yacht Club cabins.

My personal opinion is that, considering the benefits and the price, the best experience is Fantastica. Then obviously, it changes based on personal needs.

Comparison table

I have prepared a comparison table to help you choose between the three MSC experiences!

comparison table between msc bella, fantastica and aurea
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  1. Hi Leo hope you are well? I am travelling with the Aurea experience next month I cannot see any information of the free massage in the spa is this still included, do I need to book this when I am onboard if so?

    • Hi Helen,

      I just checked and in fact the free massage has been removed from the list of benefits.
      I hope they put it back, it was something I really appreciated.

      Thanks for letting me know,


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