MSC Euribia Reviews (2024 Cruises Only)

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Hello Everyone! Are you looking for updated reviews of the MSC Euribia? I’ve decided to create an article with reviews from people who have cruised with this ship in 2024 only. In this way, you can have a clear view of the current situation.

I remind you that you can also leave your review in the comments to help other cruise passengers. But please leave a review only if you have traveled during 2024.

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Review 1

Disembarked the MSC Euribia a few days ago, and I have to say we were pleasantly surprised.

We opted for the Aurea class and added the 4 specialty restaurants and the Easy Plus drink package. I can say that we found, from start to finish, superior service and great food, and we were surrounded by a crew that seemed genuinely happy to be part of our vacation experience. Everyone was friendly and always ready to help.

Now I can’t comment on individuals’ negative experiences, but I can say that many of the passengers we encountered were self-absorbed, oblivious of other people, and often rude as well. This is to say that sometimes a bad cruise is not the company’s fault but the other passengers’ fault.

I mean, if you don’t want crowds, don’t book on a ship with a population the size of a small city. It is obvious that sometimes and at peak times there will be a bit of a queue.

Moreover, traveling means trying new foods, and not liking something doesn’t make it bad; there are plenty of other options to try. Our experience on MSC Euribia was positive, forget the complaints and just enjoy the cruise.

Review 2

I went on a cruise with MSC Euribia a couple of weeks ago. Here are a few things my partner and I liked/disliked from our week.

The ship was amazing, very well-designed and we loved it. The staff were friendly and worked really hard to ensure the ship was spotless at all times. It was super clean everywhere, both inside and outside our cabin.

We loved the entertainment, and the inside temperature throughout the ship was really good all week.

The food in the main dining room and at the buffet was generally okay; many options were always available.

The ship did move around quite a bit throughout the day and night, much more than our previous cruises. But I think it’s because the sea was rougher than usual.

We will probably use MSC again!

Review 3

I was on MSC Euribia five days ago, so I can give an updated opinion on this ship.

There is nothing to say about the ship: new, spacious, technological, and with a nice interior design. There are lots of things to do, lots of areas to relax, lots of bars and a rather large pool area.

I think the space is well managed because although the ship was full, there was no particular crowding. Only a bit of a line at the buffet, but I think that is normal.

We liked the service; all the staff are helpful, and many are nice, but there are some who could be nicer, but that happens on all cruises.

The food was good, I liked the quality, but maybe it could be a little more varied.

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