Avoid these cabins on MSC Grandiosa!

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cabins to avoid on msc grandiosa

As on every cruise ship, even an MSC Grandiosa, there are cabins that should be avoided.
How can you find out which ones they are? Fortunately, I have many years of experience in the cruise sector, especially for Italian companies, and I’m here to help!

Let’s go right away to find out which cabins I do not recommend on this extraordinary MSC ship.

Legend of the cabins to avoid on MSC Grandiosa

Below, you can see the legend for all the cabins on MSC Grandiosa. I want you to focus on 3 things in particular: cabins with obstructed views, cabins with metal balustrades, and cabins that can be potentially noisy.

legend msc grandiosa cabins

Cabins with obstructed view

The first, and perhaps the most important thing to look at, is that little dot that is half black and half white, which indicates cabins with obstructed views. The window or balcony is usually obstructed by a part of a lifeboat or some mechanical part of the ship. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the view fully, these cabins should be avoided.

Basically, all the cabins with obstructed views on MSC Grandiosa are on Deck 8, which is the deck where the lifeboats are. They go from cabin number 8057 to 8062 and again from cabin 8067 to number 8126.
They then continue from cabin number 8193 to cabin number 8254.

You can clearly see them and check the numbers in the pictures below.

cabins with obstructed vieew msc grandiosa

Cabins with a balcony that has a metal railing 

Next come the cabins with metal or glass and metal railing. In this case, the balcony on the cruise deck is colored gray or light blue. This might not be a problem for some of you, but the glass balcony is the best choice if you want to enjoy a perfect view, even from inside the cabin. I always try to avoid cabins with metal railings.

I’ve made a pic for you where you can clearly see that difference!

cabins with metal balaustrade or railing msc grandiosa

As said before, they are indicated with a darker balcony on the cruise deck, and they are usually at the very front or the very back of the ship. As an example, you can see the front of deck 10 down here.
Can you see how the balcony cabins from number 1005 to 10070 have a darker color? That means it will have a metal balustrade, as indicated in the legend.

cabins number with metal railing msc grandiosa

There are several of these cabins on almost every deck. If you want to avoid them, I urge you to look carefully at the complete deck plan of MSC Grandiosa.

Cabins to avoid because they could be noisy

After talking about the more technical parts of the cabins, let’s now talk about the ones that can be too noisy.

Generally speaking, I recommend not choosing cabins placed directly below the pools. You might hear cackling or screaming children, especially in the morning or early afternoon. Similarly, I do not recommend cabins that are directly below the buffet or restaurants.

Fortunately, on MSC Grandiosa, both pools and restaurants are located on Deck 15, so I would avoid Deck 14.

The rule I generally follow is to book a cabin that has on both the floor above and below other cabins, not some leisure places or waypoints. That way, I’m almost sure I won’t have a noisy cabin.

Let me know in the comments what type of cabins you prefer and if you have any doubts about the ones to avoid on the Grandiosa.

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