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cabins to avoid on msc magnifica

Hello Cruise Lovers! If it’s your first time on this blog, I’m Leo and I’m an Italian cruise enthusiast.

Given my background, MSC Cruises is the company I have traveled with the most by far and I know all its cabin types quite well.

In this specific article, I will talk about which cabins to avoid on MSC Magnifica.

Cabins with restricted views

Unfortunately, MSC Magnifica is one of those ships that have lifeboats on the same floor as some of the cabins.

For this reason, several cabins have obstructed or partially obstructed views.

These cabins are all located on Deck 8 and range from 8037 to 8168. You can see them in the picture below with the black and white dot sign.

Cabins with restricted views on MSC Magnifica
Cabins with restricted views on MSC Magnifica

Among these, however, cabins 8097, 8099, 8101, 8122, 8124, and 8126 do not have obstructed views (you can see them in green in the pic above).

Balcony with metal or half glass/half metal balustrade

Another cabin type I always advise against on MSC ships is the ones with balconies that have entirely metal balustrades or a combination of metal and glass.

Below, I’ll share a picture where you can perfectly see what I’m talking about.

MSC metal balustrade
Cabin with a metal balustrade on MSC

As you can see, the balcony’s metal construction significantly obstructs the view from inside the cabin.

Is that a huge problem? Maybe it’s not…but if your goal is to find the ideal cabin, it’s best to steer clear of these.

Fortunately, MSC Magnifica has only very few cabins with that problem.

The entirely metal balustraded cabins are numbers 9001 and 9002 on deck 9, along with 10001 and 10002 on deck 10.

The cabins featuring a hybrid balustrade (metal and glass) are 8003 and 8004 on deck 8; 9222 and 9229 on deck 9; 10244 and 10249 on deck 10; and 11001 and 11002 on deck 11.

Connecting Cabins

Perhaps I may sound repetitive, because I say this in almost every article about cabins to avoid, but I hate connecting cabins.

I don’t like the idea that there is a door between my cabin and that of other strangers!

But it’s locked, you always tell me! I know but why do I have to choose a communicating cabin when I can choose one that isn’t?

The presence of the door gives me the idea of having less privacy, and in some cases that is also true since the doors are less soundproof than the cabin walls.

However, if you want to avoid them, they are quite easy to find; look for a small symbol connecting the two cabins. I’ll show it through the picture below.

Connecting cabins on MSC Magnifica
Connecting cabins on MSC Magnifica

Cabins that can be noisy

I can’t sleep when there are noises, I’m a light sleeper and I wake up easily.

Therefore, I have enough experience in choosing the quietest cabins on cruise ships.

I want to give you some tips. Never choose cabins that are under restaurants or the buffet, under pools, or under areas where there is music.

Follow this advice I always give everyone: before you book a cabin look at the ship’s plan and check what is below and above.

If there are only other cabins you can go safely book it, while if there are public areas maybe it’s better to avoid it.

In my opinion, the only deck on MSC Magnifica that has this problem is deck 12, because deck 13 (which is located above) has the most noisy areas of the ship.

As you can see in the photo below, on deck 13 you will find the swimming pools, the buffet, and even the spa.

Potentially noisy cabins on MSC Magnifica
Potentially noisy cabins on MSC Magnifica

If you want a quiet cabin then absolutely avoid deck 12.

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