Avoid these cabins on MSC Meraviglia!

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cabins to avoid on msc meraviglia

I traveled with MSC Meraviglia a couple of years ago, and it was an amazing trip. However, not all trips are as enjoyable as they should be, and much depends on the choice of cabin.
In this article, I’ll tell you which cabins to avoid on MSC Meraviglia so you can plan your dream trip.

Cabins on deck 8

The cabins I absolutely recommend you avoid are the ones located on Deck 8. In fact, this ship has a design with the lifeboats located in front of the cabins. As a result, many of those on Deck 8 have a partially obstructed view.

The cabins you should avoid are the numbers:

  • 8057 to 8062
  • Then cabin numbers 8071, 8072, 8075, 8076, 8079, 8080, 8083, 8084
  • And then all the cabins from number 8087 to 8127 and cabins from number 8172 to 8231.

As you can see, there are quite a lot of rooms with partially obstructed views, almost all the ones on the deck. I have to admit that for many of them the obstruction is not that bad. You can still clearly see in front of you.
Here are some photos of a cabin on Deck 8 with an obstructed view!

cabin deck 8 msc meraviglia obstructed view lifeboat
cabin deck 8 msc meraviglia obstructed view
@MomDocTravels from Youtube
lifeboat on deck 8 msc meraviglia cabin with obstructed view

Cabins that have a balcony with metal balustrade

Other cabins you should watch out for are those that have a metal balustrade. Generally, balcony cabins on cruise ships have glass balconies, so you can see the sea even when you are sitting or from inside the cabin.

As a structural matter, on MSC Meraviglia, the cabins that are located on the very front and the very back of the ship have balconies made fully of metal.

Personally I always try to avoid these cabins, because I like to see the sea even when I’m in bed! (isn’t that why we chose the balcony?)

How can you find and avoid these cabins? You should look for balconies that are colored in dark gray or light blue on the deck plan. Grey means balcony with metal balustrade, and light blue means with half-glass/half-metal balustrade.

Here’s a part of deck 12 of MSC Meraviglia. You can clearly see that cabins from 12005 to 12008 have a half-glass/half-metal balustrade (light blue). While cabins from 12007, 12010, 12009, 12012, 12013, 12016, 12019, 12020, 12023, 12024, 12027, 12028 have a full metal balustrade.

Below, I’ll leave you two pictures of what a metal balcony looks like; this is from a cabin on deck 11. It might not be a big deal for some of you, but if you are looking for the perfect cabin, you should avoid these.

cabin with metal balustrade on msc meraviglia

Noisy cabin on MSC Meraviglia

Finally, the cabins you should always avoid are those that are potentially noisy. I think the noisiest deck on MSC Meraviglia is deck number 15. On that deck is the buffet, several bars, and the pool with the dance floor.

Consequently, I would avoid all cabins that are on the deck below and, thus, on deck 14. As I always say in these kinds of articles, choose a cabin that has above-you and below-you other cabins. That is the only way to make sure you don’t hear noise from other areas of the ship.

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