Cabins to avoid on MSC Seashore

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cabins to avoid on msc seashore

Are there any cabins that would be best to avoid on MSC Seashore? This ship is actually quite new, has good design and is well soundproofed.

However, there are always some cabins to watch out for. Let’s find out more about them!

Cabin with obstructed view

As always, the cabins I tell you it is very important to avoid are those with obstructed views. Thank goodness, on modern ships there are few cabins with this issue, for example on MSC Seashore there are only 8.
More specifically, they are cabins 12002 and 12003 on deck 12, 13002 and 13003 on deck 13 and also 14002, 14003, 14004 and 14005 on deck 14.

I want to point out, however, that 6 of these cabins are suites (the ones you see in orange below) so the problem is compensated for by the size of the room. While only 2 are regular cabins, numbers 14004 and 14005, for these two I definitely recommend you to avoid them.

cabins with obstructed view on msc seashore

Connecting cabins

If this is not the first article you read on my blog, you will already know my hatred for connecting cabins.
I don’t like them, and they don’t give me the sense of privacy that I expect to have in my private room.

In reality, some friends who tried one recently told me good things about it, they said that on the new ships the doors are very soundproof, and it doesn’t seem like the two cabins are connected.
However, they too told me that if they had a choice, they would definitely choose one without the connecting door.

What can I say then, it is not an essential issue, however if possible I would recommend avoiding them. You can easily spot them because they have a line joining them on the deck plan.

connecting cabins on msc seashore

Balcony with metal balustrade

One problem that is always there on MSC ships, and also on MSC Seashore, is having some cabins with steel or half steel and half glass balcony balustrade.

I personally hate so much these types of balconies because they prevent me from seeing the sea from inside the cabin. I avoid them like the plague on every ship.
How can you spot and avoid them? I must admit that they are somewhat hidden on the cruise deck. You should be able to spot them by a balcony colored in darker gray. I think you can see it quite well in the picture below!

cabins with metal balaustrade on msc seashore

Noisy cabins

When I don’t sleep I’m nervous, and if I’m nervous I don’t enjoy the cruise! So what do I do before I book? I avoid all cabins that might be noisier than others.

It is never easy to figure out which cabins might be noisy.
As a general rule, the places where there is the most noise, children screaming or people talking loudly are the pools, the buffet, and the bars.
I therefore avoid all the cabins immediately below these places.

As you can see in the picture below, the “loud areas” on MSC Seashore are all on deck 16, consequently I’ll avoid all the cabins on deck 15.

noisy cabins on msc seashore

Follow these rules and let me know how was your cabin after your cruise! Enjoy your trip!

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  1. this is really a great help, at least we know where we do not want to be, For people like us who only cruise 2 times a year its great to know what rooms to stay away from, thanks for doing this herman


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