Avoid these cabins on Odyssey of the Seas

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cabins to avoid on odyssey of the seas

Odyssey of the Seas is the second ship in the Quantum Ultra Class of Royal Caribbean.
It is one of the newest ships in the entire fleet, as its maiden voyage took place in July 2021.

Despite being a fairly new ship, there are several cabins you should avoid on her. Starting from a few staterooms that have an obstructed view, to cabins that can be too noisy.

Don’t worry though, I will show you all of them, and I will help you find the perfect cabin!

Cabins with obstructed views

As I always say, the first cabins to avoid are those with an obstructed view. Let’s be honest; we all choose to have a window or balcony to enjoy the view of the ocean!

Having a lifeboat or a piece of metal from the ship structure in front of you would not be the best of experiences.

Therefore, I would strongly advise you to avoid cabins number 3602, 3604, 3606, 3608, 3610, 3612, 3614, 3636, 3638, and 3640 on deck 3.

I’m not 100% sure why these cabins have an obstructed view; the lifeboats are on deck 6, so more likely, it will be a part of the ship…if you’ve been on board in one of these cabins, please let us know in the comments.

As I said, lifeboats are on deck 6, and that’s why there are many cabins with obstructed views on that deck.
In particular, you should avoid cabins number:

6160, 6162, 6164, 6166, 6168, 6170, 6172, 6174, 6176, 6178, 6180, 6182, 6184, 6186, 6188, 6190, 6192, 6194, 6196, 6198, 6200, 6202, 6204, 6206, 6208, 6210, 6212, 6214, 6216, 6218, 6220, 6222, 6224, 6256, 6258, 6260, 6262, 6264, 6266, 6268, 6270, 6272, 6274, 6276, 6278, 6280, 6282, 6284, 6286, 6288, 6290, 6292, 6294, 6296, 6298, 6300, 6302, 6304, 6306, 6308, 6310.

The same problem happens for the cabins on the right side of the ships. So you should also avoid:

6560, 6562, 6564, 6566, 6568, 6570, 6572, 6574, 6576, 6578, 6580, 6582, 6584, 6586, 6588, 6590, 6592, 6594, 6596, 6598, 6600, 6602, 6604, 6606, 6608, 6610, 6612, 6614, 6616, 6618, 6620, 6622, 6624, 6656, 6658, 6660, 6662, 6664, 6666, 6668, 6670, 6672, 6674, 6676, 6678, 6680, 6682, 6684, 6686, 6688, 6690, 6692, 6694, 6696, 6698, 6700, 6702, 6704, 6706, 6708, 6710.

cabins to avoid on deck 6 of odyssey of the seas

As you can see there are more than 120 cabins with this problem, a very high number! To let you better understand the view from them, here are two pictures from cabin 6174, which is one of those with an obstructed view.

cabin with obstructed view royal caribbean
cabin with obstructed view from lifeboats
From Youtube

Connecting cabins

I hate connecting cabins, and I will always hate them. Some of you may think it’s not a big deal, but I try to avoid them on all ships!

For those who don’t know, connecting cabins have a door that joins them and through which you can pass to go from one cabin to another.

They are essentially designed for families or friends who want to spend the cruise together in more than one cabin.

If you have only booked one cabin, the door will be locked, but I still don’t like it because it doesn’t give me that sense of full privacy that I want in a private cabin.

Moreover, on some ships, the doors are not well soundproofed, and you can hear your neighbors more easily than through a cabin wall.

On Odyssey of the Seas, connecting cabins are indicated by a double-headed arrow.

Below here there’s a photo of deck 12. As you can see the cabins to avoid would be numbers 12200 and 122002, 12208 and 12210, 12600 and 12602, and also 12608 and 12610.

connecting odyssey of the seas

Noisy Cabins on Odyssey of the Seas

Last but not least, you must try to avoid all cabins that may be noisier than usual.

To do that, I always look for the “loud areas” of the ship and choose a cabin far from them.

For example, we should be far from music halls, theaters, clubs, bars, swimming pools, and restaurants.

Based on that, in my opinion, the worst decks on Odyssey of the Seas are Deck 3 and Deck 13.

On deck 3 there’s a music hall just next to some cabins, which also extends to the deck above. Therefore, I would 100% avoid it.

noisy cabins on the deck 3 of odyssey of the seas

As for deck 13, right above it (on deck 14), there are the swimming pools, the water park, and the buffet.

Therefore, you may hear noises or shouts, especially during the summer and with the balcony door open. If possible, I would avoid that deck and prefer one that has above and below other cabins.

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