Princess Cruises Room Service Full Menu with Prices (2024)

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princess cruises room service menu

As you know, I have been lucky enough to try many cruise lines. I must tell you that Princess Cruises has one of the best room services among all of them.

It operates 24 hours a day, the menu is quite extensive, and I have found the food to always be of good quality.

In this article, I will tell you more about room service on Princess. In particular, we will go over the updated 2024 menu with all the prices and I will explain how to order when you are on the ship.

Princess Cruises Room Service Menu for Breakfast

Let’s start with the breakfast. As on almost all cruise ships, you will find an order card in your cabin.

You must fill it out by entering: the cabin number, number of people, and the quantity for each item you want to order.

Below you can see the usual order card. Every item on it is complimentary, the only thing that comes with a price is water which costs 2.50$ for 0.5L and 5.00$ for 1.5L.

Room service menu for breakfast on Princess
Room service menu for breakfast on Princess

As you can see the menu is quite varied, you can choose from beverages, yogurts, cereals, pastries, breads, and muffins.

The only thing that I don’t like is that there’s only one item in the “hot section” which is an egg, bacon, and cheese English muffin.
I would have preferred something more, at least some scrambled eggs or pancakes.

At the end of the card just tick your preferred time, and remember to hang it outside your door the night before the delivery. It’s just as simple as that.

Breakfast room service on Princess Cruises
Breakfast room service on Princess Cruises

24 Hours Room Service Menu

Apart from the breakfast menu, there is also a wider one available 24 hours a day.
It includes 6 different sections: appetizers and snacks, hot food, sandwiches, pizza, sides, and sweets.

You have two options to order any of the items: you can use the TV in your cabin or the Medallion app on your smartphone.

Room service on Princess Cruises
Room service on Princess Cruises

In either case, the operation is very simple, you will be asked to specify the delivery location (if you want room service simply enter the cabin number) and then add each item you want to your order.

Most of the dishes are free but there are also some for which you have to pay a small fee.
Below I have created a list of all the dishes you can order from the room service menu with the prices updated to 2024.

Appetizers and snacks

  • Fruit plate – complimentary
  • Loaded cheesy fires – complimentary
  • Guacamole dip and tortilla chips – complimentary
  • Cheese plate – 4$
  • Hummus dip and veggies – 4$
    Shrimp cocktail – 8$
  • Maki – California roll – 12$
  • Maki – Shrimp roll – 12$
  • Maki – Spicy tuna roll – 12$

Hot food

  • 100% beef burger – complimentary
  • 100% beef hot dog – complimentary
  • Grill Chipotle-lime chicken taco – complimentary
  • Grilled chicken sandwich – complimentary
  • Veggie burger – complimentary
  • Steak frites 8oz filet – 19$


  • Roast beef sandwich – complimentary
  • Roast turkey sandwich – complimentary
  • Chicken salad sandwich – complimentary
  • Double-decker clubhouse sandwich – complimentary
  • Peanut butter and jelly sandwich – complimentary
  • Princess egg muffin – complimentary
  • Tuna salad sandwich – complimentary
  • Vegetarian sandwich – complimentary


  • Pizza Margherita – 3$
  • Pizza Pepperoni – 3$
  • Pizza Capricciosa – 3$
  • Pizza Romana – 3$
  • Pizza Vegetariana – 3$


  • Potato chips – complimentary
  • Fries – complimentary
  • Fruit cup – complimentary


  • Chocolate cake – complimentary
  • Chocolate chip cookie – complimentary
  • Banana pudding – complimentary
  • Creme caramel – complimentary
  • Traditional New York cheesecake – complimentary
  • Key lime pie verrine – complimentary

Do you have to pay a delivery fee on Princess Cruises?

Room service is not free on Princess Cruises. You have to pay a 5.00$ delivery fee for each order.

The delivery is totally free only if you booked with a Princess Plus or Princess Premier fare, or if you’re ordering breakfast with the order card.

The price of dishes that are not complimentary remains the same and is charged to all guests.

Room service for specialty restaurants

One thing that, I have to tell you the truth, tremendously surprised me was the possibility of ordering room service from the menu of specialty restaurants on board.

I don’t remember this possibility with any other cruise line I’ve traveled with (if this has changed let me know in the comments) and it’s a really amazing thing.

As you can imagine, it’s a little more expensive. The price of the dishes from the specialty restaurants’ room service is:

  • 7$ or 8$ for starters
  • 19$ for main dishes
  • 5$ for desserts

But even though you have to pay for it, you have a much larger and more varied choice of dishes. I have seen lamb, prawns, different types of steaks, mussels, and much more.

I mean, with these dishes you can really have a good and full lunch or dinner in your cabin.

My personal review

princess cruises room service desserts and fruit
Princess Cruises room service desserts and fruit

If you are a loyal reader of my blog, you will already know that I am not a fan of room service in general.

When I am on a cruise, I like to spend as little time as possible in the cabin, so I prefer to go to restaurants for food.

However, like everyone else, I do occasionally order something from room service, almost always breakfast because the lunch and dinner menus are often very limited.

On the contrary, on my last cruise with Princess, I order from the room service way more often, simply because there are so many dishes to choose from.

I must also admit that delivery was slower than on other cruise lines (such as Royal Caribbean and MSC) but I think that also depends on the vast menu that perhaps puts a bit of stress on the kitchens.

I had already shown you a while back how few dishes were on MSC’s room service menu.

So, overall I was pretty happy with it, bravo Princess Cruises. One of the best room services at sea!

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