Private Bosphorus cruise for 5 people: best companies and how to book!

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A Bosphorus cruise is the best idea to visit Istanbul from a unique and unforgettable perspective! However, are there private cruises that are perfect for a group of 5 people?

In this article, we will go over the best companies for a small group and how you can book.

Why Choose a private bosphorus cruise?

I went on a Bosphorus cruise a while ago, and when people ask me for advice, I always say to book a private cruise. I know it is more expensive than a group cruise, but in my opinion, there are some great advantages to consider:

  • The personalized itinerary: you can choose the tour destinations according to your preferences. For example, you can opt for more historical sites or landscapes.
  • The privacy and comfort: having your own ship allows you to have more privacy and spend wonderful time with your family and friends.
  • Flexibility: you will be able to pick your preferred departure time and also decide the length of the cruise.
  • You can have a personal guide: with a private cruise, an experienced guide will be at your complete disposal. You could ask them questions and ask them all your curiosities about the Bosphorus.

What to look at before booking?

Before booking a 5-person cruise, be sure to check the services offered thoroughly. Istanbul offers a wide variety of cruises that can vary greatly from one another.
When choosing a cruise line consider the following:

Quality and safety: these are two things that always come first for me. Check that it is a legitimate company through safety certificates and reviews from other passengers.
The language: if you don’t speak Turkish and you are a tourist, be sure to check that the tour can be done in English or in your preferred language.
Services offered: some cruises offer exclusive services such as food on board, live music, or decorations for special occasions.

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Recommended companies for a cruise for 5 people

After this introductory information, let’s now see what are the best companies for a 5-person private cruise:

Bosphorus Tour is one of the most known companies to offer cruises on the Bosphorus. They do both group cruises and private cruises. If you want to book a private cruise for 5 people, you can do so by requesting a quote on their website.

Zoe Yacht Cruises is a company specializing in private and customizable cruises. They provide personalized options for romantic getaways, family outings, or corporate events. The price for a private yacht starts at €349 for a private cruise of 2 hours.
You can book from their official website.

Another company that I recommend is Bosporus Cruise. They offer private cruises for every type of event: birthday parties, family celebrations, holiday events…
They also have a yacht rental service for private cruises; prices start from €85 per hour for the smallest boat (up to 10 people) and can go up to €250 per hour. You can check all the different yachts they have on the official website.

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When booking, always remember to ask about any additional costs, such as meals, transportation to the dock, or the tour guide.

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