7 Reasons Why an Inside Cabin is the Best Choice on a Cruise

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inside cabin on a cruise ship

Inside cabins on cruise ships are often criticized. Many people don’t like them and prefer to choose an outside cabin (ocean view or balcony).

In this article, I want to defend inside cabins by listing 7 reasons why in some cases they are the best choice on a cruise.

There are some aspects that I think you should consider carefully, and which could change your mind about choosing a cabin for your next cruise!

1. You can save a lot of money

It is no mystery, inside cabins are the cheapest on cruise ships.

According to my calculations, the price of inside cabins is generally 60 percent lower than balcony cabins.

With the money you save, you can do so many other fun things.
You can treat yourself to spa massages, private tours in the cities you visit, dinners at special restaurants, and much more!

And I’ll tell you a secret, if you travel in the off-season there is a good chance that if the ship is not full they will upgrade you for free. It’s happened to me more than once with different cruise lines!

2. It Guarantees Better Sleep Quality

Interior cabin on MSC
Interior cabin on MSC

Not everyone thinks about it, but interior cabins are the best in terms of sleep quality.

They are very quiet since there is no window or balcony with noise that can come from outside.

For the same reason, there’s no light from outside, so they can be ideal for those who prefer a darker sleeping environment.

3. It has a better location

If you are not familiar with cruise ships, you should know that inside cabins are located in the middle of the ship.

Therefore, their location has quite a few advantages. First, it means shorter walks to the ship’s amenities like restaurants, theaters, and pools.

Second, being centrally located on the ship can mean less movement, which is ideal for those prone to seasickness.

4. It Encourages Exploration

Interior cabin on Carnival Jubilee

Cruise ships are made to be explored, to experience all the different areas, and to socialize with other passengers.

An indoor cabin encourages you to get out and spend as much time as possible in all the ship’s public areas.

I must admit that I noticed this personally. The last time I took a balcony cabin, I spent too much time in the cabin.

I often ordered breakfast in the room and spent the whole morning on the balcony just doing nothing.

Then, when the cruise was over, I regretted not exploring the ship enough. On the last day, I realized that there were some areas I hadn’t even seen.

On the contrary, when I took an inside cabin (I must say it has been a while since the last time) I spent so much time in the common areas and met and made friends with many more people.

5. It’s Perfect for Shorter Cruises

Shorter cruises usually have busy itineraries. For this reason, you’ll likely spend little time in your cabin, and booking an inside one could be a smart choice.

Moreover, on shorter cruises, you will want to make the most of all the activities on the ship so you will spend less time in the cabin.
I usually always recommend inside cabins for 3 or 4-night cruises.

6. Modern Inside Cabins Have Innovative Technologies

A good thing to consider before choosing an inside cabin is also how modern the ship is.

Modern cruise ships have more comfortable interior cabins thanks to technology.

In the pic below, for example, you can see an inside cabin with a virtual balcony that can be found on some Royal Caribbean ships.

virtual balcony Ovation of the seas
Virtual Balcony on Ovation of the seas

These particular screens show the outside view in real-time. In short, you will be in an inside cabin but it will not feel like one.

7. It allows you to cruise more often

The final reason why choosing an inside cabin is the best option for a cruise is that it allows for more frequent travel.

If you love cruises like I do, you’ll want to go as often as you can.

Picking an inside cabin saves money, so you can cruise again sooner.
I’ve found that with what I save by choosing an inside cabin, I can afford two cruises instead of one with a balcony cabin.

In the end, you have to consider that the only thing these cabins lack is a window or balcony; otherwise, they are identical in every way.

To conclude

I hope I’ve helped you with your choice and shown you that inside cabins aren’t always as bad as they’re made out to be.

Sometimes, they’re even the best option, you just need to evaluate them based on your needs.

See you next time, and have a fantastic trip!
XO, Leo!

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