7 Reasons Why You Can Get Banned From a Cruise!

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get banned from cruise ship

Cruises are seen as places of relaxation, leisure, and fun. However, vacations do not always go as we planned.

In some cases, certain behaviors can result in you being disembarked at the next available port. In addition, in the most extreme cases, you could also be banned for life from that cruise line.

But what are the reasons that can lead to this? Many people cannot imagine them, so I thought I would tell you about the 7 most common ones we have seen in recent years.

Drinking too much

drinks on a cruise
Drinks on a cruise

Drinking too much is among the most frequent reasons that lead security personnel to disembark you from the ship.

Many people, since there are packages with unlimited beverages on cruises, drink like there is no tomorrow without thinking about the consequences.

In reality, if you get drunk and start bothering other passengers, or start being a danger to the ship you will probably see security coming quickly!

Normally you will be asked to return to your cabin and given a verbal warning. However, if that happens again or you are violent you may be disembarked at the next port.

My advice then is to drink without overdoing it. I know you want to make the most of your drink package but you risk not being able to use it at all if you have to leave the ship (even without a refund).

Being involved in a fight

drinks at the bar of the cruise
Cruise bar and cocktails

The second reason, which is often related to excessive alcohol consumption, is about violent incidents.

Modern cruise ships are very large and can carry nearly 7,000 people, so you can understand that there can be some rifts between different passengers.

Engaging in fights is definitely a good reason to be banned. If you notice that any passenger may become violent, alert security immediately without responding or making the situation worse.

From what I have noticed, most cruise lines have no tolerance for violence and disembark all people who get involved in fights, no matter who is right or wrong.

So again, stay away from situations that can escalate and never take action yourself. Let the designated staff resolve the issue.

Climbing over parts of the ship

I know it may sound strange, but there are people who have climbed the most unimaginable places on cruise ships.

Many passengers, for example, climb over balconies, climb over fences, or climb into areas that can be dangerous.

I don’t know if you remember a news story in 2019 about a guy who jumped from the 11th floor of a cruise to just take a dive.

That stunt resulted in a lifetime ban from Royal Caribbean, for both him and his friends who were traveling with him.

More important, besides risking the ban, you can actually risk your life. Although there is water underneath, falling off such a tall cruise ship is always a big risk!

Carrying or using drugs

drugs on cruise ships
Drugs are prohibited on cruises

Carrying or using drugs is prohibited on all major cruise lines. This also applies to ports in states where marijuana use is legalized.

Before boarding a cruise you will have to pass security checks, which are usually quite strict.

If upon boarding or once on board, you are found to be in possession of drugs, you may be denied boarding or may be asked to disembark.

In some cases, if required by law, the company may also notify the authorities.


Cruise restaurant

Stealing is the stupidest thing you could do on a cruise. On modern ships, there are lots of cameras, at least several hundred.

Therefore, ships are very controlled places, both outside and inside. Cameras are used primarily for security purposes but can also be used in case of theft.

If you are caught stealing you will be disembarked and the crime will be reported to the authorities.

I want to remind you that there are also cells on cruise ships to detain those who have committed a serious crime until they arrive in port.

Entering crew areas

lower deck for staff
Lower deck for staff

If you’ve been on a cruise before, you probably know that there are areas and decks reserved for staff.

it is absolutely forbidden to enter these areas without authorization, which are usually delimited by coded doors or prohibition signs.

For example, the lowest deck is usually the one with the workers’ cabins, their common areas, and their crew mess. Passengers cannot access them and entering those areas would be a violation of the regulations.

Even more serious would be to try to enter the command bridge or engine room, in which case it would be a possible attack on the security of the ship and you would have even more serious consequences.

control bridge on a cruise
Command bridge

Making too much noise

As a place with many people, everyone needs to behave civilly, respectfully, and maintain a normal tone of voice without yelling or shouting.

If you bother other people, security personnel may call you out. Afterward, if you disregard the rules several times you may be kicked off the ship.

Cabin with balcony door open

This is what happened to a German couple who were kicked off the cruise ship because they were having sex too loudly.

The couple defended themselves by saying they had mistakenly left the balcony door open, but the company was unwilling to listen to reason.

I know it will make you smile, but it is important to know these things so you don’t risk ruining your vacation.

I hope these stories have helped you to be more aware of the reasons why you can get banned or kicked off a cruise. See you next time!

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