The Secret Bar on MSC World Europa: where is it and how to enter?

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secret bar entrance on msc world europa

Did you know that there is a secret bar on a cruise ship, hidden from everyone and not shown on the ship’s map?

This bar, located on the MSC World Europa, is only accessible through a secret passageway! I was there last summer, so I’ll tell you exactly where it is and how to get in.

Where is the secret bar on MSC World Europa?

The bar is located on deck 6, behind a red London-style booth.

That is the entrance, but the bar is located one floor below. Once a staff member opens the door, you’ll need to descend some stairs and follow a small hallway to reach the actual bar.

During the day, there may be a barrier in front of the phone booth. It’s used by unsuspecting tourists to take souvenir photos during their cruise.

Occasionally, you might see someone tinkering with the phone; if you’re there, don’t give away the secret.
Keep reading the article to discover how to enter.

How can I enter the speakeasy secret bar on MSC World Europa?

Getting into the secret bar on MSC World Europa is not easy. It is a bar that admits people by invitation only.

So how can someone be invited? You have to find a token similar to those used for old telephone booths.

The token has a QR code on the back that takes you to a website to reserve your entry. You can see it in the pic below.

token for the secret far of msc world europa

There are several methods to obtain the entrance token. It seems that some passengers found it directly in the cabin; I think it happens more for passengers in the suites, but it is not completely clear with what frequency.

The second method is to get it from a crew member. There are a few in particular that can get you into the bar; you just have to ask the right person.

How is the Speakeasy bar inside?

The area is themed as a retro-style bar replicating aspects of historical speakeasies that became widespread during Prohibition.

The lights are dim, the atmosphere is relaxed, and there is good live music. The bar also offers some special cocktails, but drink packages are not valid in this area of the ship.

This is definitely an interesting idea from MSC. It is nice to be able to discover a hidden and exclusive part of the ship.

Drink Packages can’t be used in the secret bar

One thing I want to point out is that MSC drink packages cannot be used in the secret bar.

It’s quite a disappointing thing, especially for people who paid a lot for the deluxe one!

However, a drink costs around 16/18 euros but, as far as I know, it is not mandatory to buy anything. You can just stay there and enjoy the ambiance and the live music!

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