Do not take these 10 things on a cruise!

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cruise ship cabin and things not to bring

Some time ago, we talked about a list of things many passengers forget to bring on a cruise.

However, there are also items that some cruisers bring but aren’t really necessary. For example, I often hear about people who want to bring items that you can already find in a cruise ship’s cabin.

Before boarding, I often see passengers with huge suitcases carrying half their house.
To make your travel lighter, I’ve created a list of 10 items you shouldn’t bring on a cruise (so don’t pack them).

1. Iron

A thing you shouldn’t bring is definitely an iron. It is not allowed on cruise ships and will be confiscated at boarding, so it’s completely pointless to bring it.

Unfortunately, vertical irons or those that only use steam are not allowed either.
The only thing you can do to avoid creases is to use an anti-crease spray or have your clothes ironed by the laundry service on the ship.

2. Valuables

Do not bring valuable items on a cruise!

As you probably know, cruise ships move every day. If you lose something or it gets stolen at a destination, you won’t have time to look for it.

For pickpockets, cruisers are fairly easy targets. Therefore, avoid wearing gold jewelry, particularly valuable accessories, or carrying very expensive electronic devices in your backpacks (like cameras).

Bring only what is strictly necessary and use trousers and bags with zips that can be closed.

3. Food and beverages

sharing a drink on royal caribbean
Drinks on cruise ships

Another thing you shouldn’t bring on a cruise is food and beverages.

You will find everything on board both at the buffet and at the ship’s restaurants.

Specifically, bringing food is prohibited due to contamination risks that could pose a health threat to all passengers. Most companies only allow you to bring dry and packaged foods.

Regarding beverages, especially alcoholic ones, you must follow the alcohol policies of your cruise line.

Some time ago I also talked to you about how to sneak alcohol on a cruise ship, but it’s not something I recommend.

4. Soap and shampoo

You don’t need to bring your own soap and shampoo from home on a cruise.

You will find both in your cabin bathroom upon arrival, either as part of a courtesy kit or in dispensers in the shower.

Some people might think that the provided ones are not of good quality. However, I’ve tried both Royal Caribbean’s and Carnival’s and I really liked them.

In addition, leaving soap and shampoo at home will save you a lot of space and avoid the risk of spilling during transport.

5. Hair dryer

hair dryer cruise ship
Hair dryers on cruise ships

Another unnecessary item is a hair dryer. You will find it basically in all cruise line cabins.

Many of you might think that the provided ones are small and weak, but in reality, their quality has greatly improved over the years.

In the article about cruise ship hair dryers, I showed you that there are different powerful ones on some cruise lines. So, bringing your own from home, in most cases, is not necessary.

6. Pool toys

Cruise companies do not want you to bring inflatables or pool toys.

Usually, the list of toys that are not allowed in public areas includes balls, floating tubes, water guns, and any items that might bother other passengers.

Besides, there’s no real need to bring toys. There’s already plenty to do for children onboard, including the mini-club, board games, and sports games like ping pong and basketball.

7. Bulky suitcases

I want to advise you on something: avoid bringing bulky suitcases.

What I constantly notice is that passengers bring more clothes than needed and often don’t even wear them.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed that too but people no longer dress as formally as before.

Most people dress casually so there’s no need to bring too many clothes. Just remember to bring comfortable clothes and shoes for when you go on an excursion and a few good dress for the elegant nights.

8. Towels and beach towels

Another thing you should not bring on a cruise are towels and beach towels.

You will already find towels in your cabin upon arrival. Usually, cruise companies follow this rule: If you leave the towel on the floor, it means it’s dirty and will be changed, while if it’s on a shelf, it won’t be replaced.

Also, remember that beach towels are provided when you go to the pool or spa, or if you wanna go to the beach during excursions.

9. Sharp or dangerous items

Safe in a cruise ship cabin
Safe in a cruise ship cabin

Remember not to bring sharp, pointed, or items that can be considered dangerous on a cruise.

For example, knives, cutters, awls, and any other items that can become weapons will be confiscated during embarkation.

Also, remember that items that emit flames, smoke, or heat are not allowed. So no candles, incense, heaters, or electric stoves.

10. Too much cash

The last piece of advice I want to give you is not to bring too much cash.

Some cruisers bring it because they know there is a safe in the cabin, but there’s still the risk of losing it or having it stolen during the trip.

The reason is the same as I explained for valuable items. You risk losing it or having it stolen while you’re in a foreign city, and getting it back might be nearly impossible.

My advice is to use payment cards instead. Especially if you are traveling abroad, check that your bank allows their use, and if possible, bring more than one.

If you still want to bring cash, remember to put it in the safe as soon as you arrive in the cabin. Once inserted, check that it’s well closed.

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