Things Not to Wear on Cruise: 7 Common Mistakes to Avoid!

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things not to wear on a cruise

Hello everyone! I was packing my suitcase for my upcoming cruise and I remembered that I never told you about the things you should not wear on this kind of trip.

Yes, because there are some clothes and accessories that would be better left at home, either because they are forbidden or because they would be uncomfortable to wear during a cruise.

I took pen and paper and started making a list of what I think are the most common mistakes.
I selected 7 of them and decided to discuss them in more detail in this article.

Don’t wear flashy jewelry

gold bracelet
Gold bracelet

The first thing you must absolutely avoid wearing is precious jewelry, especially if it is very flashy.

As you probably already know, some cruise ports are not exactly safe, and many thieves wait for tourists, since they are considered easy prey.

I have heard several stories of cruise passengers who have had gold bracelets or necklaces ripped off, sometimes violently.

To avoid these situations, it is best to leave the jewelry in the safe on the ship and wear it only for the formal night.

Don’t wear camouflage prints

Camouflage backpack
Camouflage backpack

A few years ago I had been gifted a backpack. I loved it, it was comfortable and spacious but it had one big problem…it had a camouflage print and I had to leave it at home.

Why did I make this choice? Because camouflage print clothes and accessories are banned in many countries, especially the ones you visit on Caribbean cruises.

In these countries, according to the law, military-type prints can only be worn by members of the army.

This is the updated list of countries where wearing camouflage clothing is illegal for civilians:

  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • Bahamas
  • Barbados
  • Dominica
  • Grenada
  • Jamaica
  • Nigeria
  • Oman
  • Philippines
  • Saint Lucia
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • Uganda
  • Zambia
  • Zimbabwe

As you can see there are also the Bahamas, Barbados, and Jamaica which are very popular cruise destinations, so be particularly careful.

Don’t wear pretty things at the expense of comfort

Shoes on a cruise ship
Shoes on a cruise ship

Let’s make one thing clear right away: there is a lot of walking on a cruise! Both to get off the ship and out of port and to visit all the sights the cities have to offer.

For this reason, do not wear shoes or clothing solely because it is pretty. Instead, prefer comfortable things.

For example, shoes are very important. Bring a pair of sneakers that you know are comfortable for you and that you have used before.
Don’t just bring sandals or heels!

Avoid wearing only a swimsuit in some cities

Another thing you should know is that in some cities, wearing only a swimsuit is prohibited by law.

I know this well because it is a frequent law in many Italian coastal cities.

Until a few years ago, many tourists, returning from the beach, would walk around the city shirtless or in swimsuits.

To avoid this thing, many mayors imposed fines (which can reach up to €500) for people who do not cover themselves with a T-shirt or swimsuit cover-up.

It’ss considered a rule of “public decency“. I know it may seem strange to some Americans but Italians care a lot about the way they dress and look, especially in some cities.

Don’t wear designer clothes or bags

Another thing I recommend that you do not wear on a cruise is designer clothes, especially handbags.

In the same way as jewelry, designer and expensive clothes can attract thieves who might identify you as a target.

Muggings are common in several cruise ports, and they are even more common for high-value bags.

In that case, the thief will not only steal the contents of the bag but may also resell the latter for a good price.

Instead, prefer plain backpacks or bags. On my last cruise with Royal Caribbean, I found some nice ones for sale in the stores on the ship.

bads by royal caribbean
Bads by Royal Caribbean

Do not wear clothes that are not appropriate for religious places

If you are planning a visit to sacred or religious sites, avoid wearing clothes that leave your legs or shoulders too exposed.

Especially if you take a cruise in Europe, you will probably visit many of the beautiful churches of our continent.

However, since they are holy places, appropriate attire is required to enter. So no bathing suits, hats, miniskirts, or shorts that end above the knee.

Marseille Cathedral
Marseille Cathedral

In stricter churches, you must also cover your shoulders and not wear tank tops or too low-cut shirts.

My advice is to carry in your bag a shawl or stole that will be enough to cover yourself.

Do not wear clothes that do not adhere to the dress code

Cruises have changed a lot in recent years. They used to have a much more formal dress code, while nowadays everyone dresses a little more casually.

However, a certain way of dressing is still required especially when going to restaurants or during formal nights.

formal dress on a cruise
Formal dress on a cruise

Many cruise lines do not let passengers into the restaurant if they are wearing tank tops, as specified by Royal Caribbean.

While as specified by Carnival, it is not allowed to wear clothes with writing that is considered offensive, or that have messages of hate or violence.

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