10 Worst Cruise Ships of 2024: Avoid These at All Costs!

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In this article, we’re going to find out which cruise ships are the worst of 2024!

I always feel a bit sorry for writing these articles, knowing there are people working on these ships who are passionate about their work and committed every day.

However, there’s no question that some ships are better than others. This does not mean that the ones you will see in this ranking are terrible.

I have traveled on some of these 10 ships and can assure you that I have had a good time. It may just happen that the cruise was not as good as others.

The ranking was made by analyzing the latest reviews for each ship from Cruise Critic and Tripadvisor.

I did not just do a mathematical average, as I think it can sometimes give distorted rankings. Instead, I interpreted the pros and cons to create a ranking that, from my point of view, was more complete.

10. Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas

quantun of the seas picture

In the 10th place, we find Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas.

As the name suggests is part of the Quantum Class and was built in 2014. It was the biggest ship during its first sail and it looks like people loved it back then.

As time passed, the reviews’ ratings decreased mainly for the ship aging.

Some passengers also complained about the general organization onboard, with long wait times and not much support from the crew.

9. MSC Orchestra

msc orchestra back

The passengers of MSC Orchestra highlighted many problems that this ship has.

Firstly, not everyone liked the internal design. According to some reviews, the ship looks a bit old and not as fancy as some expected.

Many guests had trouble with the internet connection, which either didn’t work well or at all. Also, some people’s luggage arrived late, which was frustrating.

The entertainment wasn’t great for everyone. The level of the shows was considered ok but not as good as on some other cruise lines. The same for the activities on board that did not impress.

According to some reviews also the food had quite a space for improvement. Something was overcooked and something was cold. The buffet had more food choices and it was considered ok, even tho was a bit too crowded at some times.

A positive aspect was the staff that was overall considered helpful and always ready to make guests happy. So, the MSC Orchestra is in the 9th place and definitely needs to improve in some areas.

8. Costa Fascinosa

costa fascinosa ship pic

Costa Fascinosa is in 8th place. It’s the first one by Costa that we find in this ranking of the worst ships, but I can anticipate that we will see more ships by this company.

Many visitors were unhappy with the food on the Costa Fascinosa. The food quality was hit or miss and was often not seasoned enough.

The rooms and onboard facilities received mixed reviews. Some guests mentioned average accommodations, pointing out problems such as broken fridges or blocked views. Yet, some complimented the ship’s design.

A major issue for many was the boredom faced when shore excursions were canceled, leaving guests with very few entertainment options.

In some reviews, passengers also reported security and customer service problems. One of the complaints I’ve seen most often is the crew’s lack of enthusiasm.

A positive thing was the night entertainment, featuring talented performers and an engaging selection of shows.

7. Princess Cruises Majestic

Princess Cruises Majestic ship photo

The reviews of Princess Cruises’ Majestic reveal a complex picture of guest experiences, showing that the ship aims to offer a luxurious and memorable journey, but it frequently falls short in several key areas.

In particular, the passengers don’t like the design. Many spaces are considered too small and with outdated amenities.

Different reviews stated that cabins are too small just like the theater which, sometimes, cannot accommodate all the people that want to watch a show.

Lastly, some reviews say that the general entertainment is not good and that sometimes the cruise can be boring.

6. Costa Smeralda

costa smeralda ship photo

Costa Smeralda is in 6th place among the worst cruise ships of 2024.

I have to say that I don’t really agree with this ranking position. I have personally traveled on Costa Smeralda, and I had a lovely time.

But let’s go on and see why some passengers did not like it.

First of all, some passengers complain about the language barrier. As you probably know Costa Cruises is an Italian company and not an American one.

Although I am Italian and therefore did not have these problems, I can assure you that all shows, announcements, and activities are always translated into English. So I struggle to understand the negative comments on this aspect.

On the other hand, I agree about the overall “Italianness of the experience“.

The food, the activities, and the ship in general it’s designed for a more European audience and this may not appeal to Americans.

Could this be the problem that makes it rank among the worst cruise ships?

5. MSC Armonia

msc armonia ship

I must say that the presence of MSC Armonia in this list does not surprise me.

She is the oldest ship in the MSC fleet and for obvious reasons she faces criticism.

Most passengers complain about the limited number of activities on board and about the aging of the interiors.

No surprise, if you choose to travel on a 2001 ship you have to know what to expect.

Some reviews also complained about the food served onboard. It was described as limited in choice and not of high quality.

4. MSC Seascape

msc seascape ship pic outside

Incredibly, in 4th place, there’s of MSC’s newest ships, the MSC Seascape.

Passengers reported in the reviews several problems they found aboard this ship.

First of all, the biggest negative point concerns the quality of the food. Passengers complain about poor food quality in both the restaurant and the buffet.

Along with the food, the drinks system also encountered many complaints. Guests say they had to wait a long time to receive their drinks once they were requested. Some guests wondered if this was due to a low number of staff members.

The other aspect that should be improved is the general cleanliness of the ship, both for the common areas and the cabins.

In short, different aspects need improvement to move this cruise ship up in the ratings.

3. Carnival Sunrise

carnival sunrise ship pic

Position number 3 for Carnival Sunrise!

I must say that Carnival cruises rank quite well and often have high ratings from passengers.

Many people love the fun and entertainment on these cruises and the price is often very affordable.

Why does Carnival Sunrise rank among the worst cruises then? From what you can read in the reviews there is only one reason: the crowdedness of the ship!

Many reviews talk about the long queues you can find onboard and also about the very crowded pools.

This made it for many not a relaxing vacation but a stressful one!

I do not know why this Carnival ship has a higher number of these complaints. If you read the article on the Carnival Cruise Ships by Size you will know that Sunrise has several ships with similar tonnage. Therefore, I do not understand why these problems only show on this ship. Maybe it’s just poorly managed?

2. Costa Favolosa

costa favolosa ship

In the second place, we find again a Costa Crociere ship. As you can see, it is the most featured cruise line in this ranking of the worst ships.

Costa Favolosa it’s quite an old ship. Build in 2010, so it is more than 14 years old.

What to say? Passengers found poor service overall. Many complained about the staff that were not as kind and attentive as they should be.

The food was another negative point: choices were very limited, and the quality was not as expected. Plus you had to wait a long time to get your drinks.

This one is another Costa ship that doesn’t hit the mark and gets only an average of 2.5 out of 5.

Will it be a coincidence? Or does the low price of this company also lead to a lower service quality?

1. Costa Fortuna

costa fortuna ship

What is the worst cruise ship in the world? According to the most updated reviews it’s Costa Fortuna!

Who is the fool who decided to travel with it? It’s me, Leo! 🙂

I must say that I traveled with Fortuna several years ago, I think about 10. Nowadays, it has become the smallest ship in the whole fleet as it was built in 2002 so over 20 years ago.

I see that, since then, the reviews have not improved and passengers continue to complain about various aspects.

Most of the complaints are about the ship itself, the food, and the overall service.

Some passengers complain that the ship is not well maintained and not as clean as it should be.

The food is not very good and is very limited. There is not much choice and only a few options are available for those with intolerances or for people following special diets.

To make matters worse, some passengers found the cruise a bit boring.
There are not many things to do on board and the entertainment is not very engaging.

Perhaps one of the few positive things is the price. Many passengers say they paid very little for their cruise but still don’t like it if they consider the quality/price ratio.

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