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These 10 Drinks Are Free on Every Cruise Ship

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Free drinks on cruise ships

When you book a cruise, the price includes the cabin, meals, and onboard entertainment.

But how does it work with drinks?

In most cases, drinks are not included in the cruise price, and you have to purchase a separate package.

However, there are some drinks that are complimentary, but not everyone knows which ones they are.

In this article, we will look at 10 drinks that are free on every ship!

1. Tap Water

Tap water on cruise ships
Tap water on cruise ships

As you probably already know, tap water on cruise ships is free of charge.

The water is thoroughly filtered and often sourced from desalinated seawater, so it’s completely safe and clean for drinking.

You can find tap water in buffet areas, bars, and some restaurants.
However, some cruise lines (like MSC and Costa Cruises) do not serve tap water so you have to buy bottled one.

I guess it has something to do with local customs, because in Italy tap water is not served in restaurants.

I don’t know about you, but I personally think the tap water on cruise ships is quite bad. I always buy bottled water instead.

2. Flavored Water

Flavored Water on a cruise
Flavored Water on a cruise

A good alternative, which also masks a bit of the bad taste I mentioned earlier, is flavored water.

You can usually find it in buffet areas like the Windjammer on Royal Caribbean ships.

These are typically fruit-infused waters that have a very refreshing taste without added sugar or calories.

There are usually at least two flavors available, and they can vary daily. I’ve tried a few on Royal Caribbean and were really good.

3. Lemonade

Lemonade is a popular free beverage available in buffet areas and, if I’m not wrong, I’ve also seen it in some dining rooms.

Let’s be honest, it’s not the best lemonade I’ve tried, but it’s free, so I don’t think we can complain.

I like to drink it, especially on hot days. It’s a really refreshing choice, and I pour it into my reusable bottle so it’s easy to carry it around the ship.

4. Standard Coffee

Coffee on Royal Caribbean
Coffee on Royal Caribbean

Standard coffee is free on most cruise ships. You can usually find it in main dining rooms, buffets, cafés, and via room service.

The free one is only regular or decaf, and sometimes you can add some types of milk (whole, skim, almond, and soy).

All the other things like espresso, cappuccino, etc. come with an additional charge.

Some ships also have Starbucks on board. Of course, it’s not free, and you can find the beverage list and prices in the article with all the Royal Caribbean drink menus.

5. Tea

Tea bags on cruise ships
Tea bags on cruise ships

I like the variety of teas on cruise ships. I always find a lot of choices and they are all free.

You usually find hot water in dining rooms and buffet areas, and different tea bags that include black tea, green tea, herbal teas, and more.

Just pour the hot water into your mug and add the tea bag you like.

On some ships, you can also find a kettle with tea bags or a coffee maker in your room. You can use them for free!

6. Hot Chocolate

I love hot chocolate when I travel during winter! I think it’s very relaxing, and I love to sip it while watching the sea.

On cruise ships, you can usually find hot chocolate mix packets in buffet areas and, from what I know, you can request them for free in main dining rooms too.

Keep in mind that the chocolate is free, but you have to prepare it yourself. If you ask a waiter or the bar for a hot chocolate, you will have to pay for it.

7. Milk

Milk is available on all cruise ships. You will find it in buffet areas, and there are usually different options.

From what I can remember during my last cruise, I saw whole milk, skim milk, and some non-dairy alternatives like almond and soy milk.

Milk is often located near coffee stations, and you should find it in both hot and cold versions.

If you need milk for a baby or toddler ask someone, they will prepare it according to the needs of the little one.

8. Fruit Juice

Juices machine on a cruise
Fruit juices machine on a cruise

Fruit juices are amongst the most famous complimentary beverages on cruise ships.

You will typically find a selection of juices, including apple, orange, grapefruit, and sometimes more exotic options like tropical breakfast juice and fruit punch.

They are served through special machines, or you can find them in jugs.

A few cruise lines limit free juice to breakfast hours, while on others they are available all day.

For example, Carnival has free juices only during breakfast, while Royal Caribbean always has them throughout the day.

9. Unsweetened Iced Tea

Iced tea on Norwegian
Iced tea on Norwegian

I’m a huge fan of unsweetened iced tea, and I always love it when I find it on ships for free.

Sometimes I find it in buffet areas, near the tap water and all the other beverages, but I don’t know why it’s not always available.

I useful tip, that I wanna share with you, is to mix in a bit of lemonade for an easy Arnold Palmer. It’s very refreshing and perfect to drink by the pool!

10. Drinks with loyalty programs

Although they are not free for everyone, pay attention because you may be eligible for free drinks based on your loyalty status.

For example, on Royal Caribbean, Diamond members receive 4 free drinks per day, Diamond Plus receive 5 free drinks per day, and Pinnacle Club members receive 6 free drinks per day.

When you think about it, that’s a lot of money saved, also because you can get drinks up to $14 in value.

On the contrary, for all other passengers, I recommend taking a look at Royal Caribbean’s drink packages.

If you choose the right one, based on the things you drink, you will definitely save a lot of money.


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