Hair Straighteners and Curling Irons on a Cruise? (2024 RULES)

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hair straighteners on a cruise

I love packing for a cruise. I don’t know if it’s the same for you but it makes me picture myself already chilling by the pool while drinking a good glass of wine.

However, in some cases, packing can be a bit stressful, especially when you’re not sure what to bring and have to decide if it’s better to leave something at home

In particular, from the comments I read on social media, I have noticed that many people have doubts about hair straighteners and curling irons.

Some people do not know whether to bring them or not, and some others don’t even know if they are allowed or prohibited on board.

Therefore, I decided to write this article to shed some light on the rules and regulations about hair appliances.

We will go over the general policies adopted by the major cruise lines and then delve into the specific restrictions that some cruise ships might have.

In addition, at the end of the article, we will address the safety issues associated with these devices that reach high temperatures, especially in completely closed spaces such as cruise ships.

Cruise lines’ policies on hair straighteners and curling irons

Curling iron
Curling iron

If you want to bring a flat or curling iron on a cruise, the first step is to understand the specific policy of the cruise line you will be traveling with.

I can anticipate that most cruise lines will allow the use of these devices, but there are often specific guidelines to follow.

General overview

In general, cruise lines allow the use of hair straighteners and curling irons in cabins. These devices are considered essential hair care tools, similar to hair dryers, which are always provided in the room.

However, it is important to note that any item with a heating element may be subject to specific safety regulations to minimize the risk of fire on board.

Policies of major cruise lines

Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival allows passengers to bring hair straighteners and curling irons on board.

However, they must be used responsibly and never left unattended while plugged in.

In addition, the devices must be intact and in perfect working order. If they represent a risk, the company can seize them and return them at the end of the cruise.

Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean also allows the use of hair straighteners and curling irons. However, it emphasizes that all personal grooming devices must comply with current safety standards.

In addition, they must be equipped with an automatic shut-off feature.

MSC Cruises

A while back, hair straighteners were banned on board MSC ships. However, recently the cruise line has adapted its rules to those of its competitors and introduced an exception.

Hair straighteners and curlers are therefore now accepted on MSC.

Norwegian Cruise Line

Like the other major cruise lines, NCL allows using hair straighteners and curling irons on board.

The company requests passengers to use these devices with caution and preferably when the ship is not powered by a generator, such as when docked in a port.

TIP: Before packing your hair straightener or curling iron, check the latest guidelines provided directly by your cruise line. You can do this by visiting the official website or contacting the customer service.

Alternative solutions

If you want to, you can also consider various alternatives that require no special attention and can make you go on vacation more relaxed.

In particular, there are two good options that I always recommend.

1. Onboard Salons

Most cruises, almost all of them in fact, have a hair salon on board. It is equipped with professional-grade hair appliances and experienced stylists can ensure your hair looks its best throughout the whole cruise.

This service reduces the need to pack your own tools but also enriches the relaxation and pampering aspect of your cruise experience.
There is only one downside. Hairdressing on a cruise can be quite expensive.

You can find all the prices for shampoo and style dry on Royal Caribbean in this article.

Heat-Free Styling Techniques

The second, cheaper alternative is to consider some types of styling that do not need a hair straightener.

For example, you can use techniques such as braiding, rollers, or twist-outs to create beautiful hairstyles without the use of electricity or heat.

Tips for selecting travel-friendly hair appliances

If you prefer to bring your own devices, just remember to select travel-friendly ones. I guarantee you that this thoughtfulness will make a big difference.

Dual voltage support

First, ensure that your hair straightener or curling iron supports dual voltage (110-220 volts).

Some cruise ships have both types of voltage, and by choosing a device that supports both, you will have no problems even in international settings.

Check the plug sockets you will find on every Royal Caribbean ship.

Size and portability

Travel size hair straightener
Travel size hair straightener

Consider buying a compact and lightweight version of your hair appliances, that are ideal for travel.

Many models are really good and are designed specifically for travel. They are way easier to pack and store.

Automatic shut-off feature

As I mentioned previously, some cruise lines specifically require devices that have an automatic shut-off feature.

The reason is obviously safety-related. These types of devices will automatically turn off if you accidentally leave them on or if they get too hot.

Safety covers

Another important thing, and one that sadly many people underestimate, is the protective cover.

For all hair tools that heat up, there are specific covers that are heat-resistant. This way you can safely store them in a drawer after use.

Using hair appliances on the ship

The last things I want to tell you are 2 very important information about where and how to use your hair appliances safely on the cruise ship.

1. Use them only in designated areas

On most cruise lines flat irons and curling irons can only be used in your cabin and not in public areas.

The use of such devices in lounges, dining rooms, or pool decks, is generally prohibited to prevent hazards and ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers.

2. Always use them with extreme care

Since the ship is an enclosed environment, the risk of fire is one of the greatest dangers on board.

For this reason, when using tools that get hot always pay extreme attention. Place them only on heat-resistant surfaces and wait for them to cool before storing them away.

In addition, when you are done using them always check that you have unplugged them. My advice is to never leave the cabin without first checking what items are attached to the electrical outlets.

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