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Iron on a Cruise: all the new rules (2024)

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Iron on a cruise ship

Many people who know me, and who know that I write about cruises, often ask me questions when they meet me.

Which ship can I choose to go to that place? How can I save money to go on a cruise more often? Which cruise line do you prefer?

These are all questions I get asked and am happy to answer (as you can imagine, I always like to talk about cruises).

However, there is another very popular question that I have been asked for years:

Can I bring my iron on a cruise?

In this article, we are going to see once and for all what the updated rules are for this item and on which cruise lines you can bring it.

Everyone wants to bring an iron

Iron on Explora Journeys
Iron on Explora Journeys

I am always surprised by the large number of people who want to bring an iron on a cruise.

I guess it’s because onboard there are different themed and formal nights, and most people want to be at their best.

Also consider that, on cruise ships, there are many fancy restaurants and there is always a good opportunity to take a souvenir photo, even with the ship’s captain.

You don’t really want to take a picture with the captain in a wrinkled dress, do you?

Don’t worry though, if your cruise line does not allow you to bring an iron with you, there are still some great alternatives to be perfect (just keep reading the article to find them out.)

Cruise Line Policies

Ironing boards on a cruise
Ironing boards on a cruise

Below I have made a list of the policies for the major cruise lines. They are updated to 2024.

Royal Caribbean

Irons and clothes steamers are strictly prohibited. If found, they will be confiscated and returned at the end of the cruise.

Self-service laundry facilities are not provided (Royal Caribbean says as a matter of safety.)

Carnival Cruise Line

Laundry room on Carnival
Laundry room on Carnival

Personal irons and clothes steamers are not allowed. Carnival provides laundry rooms with ironing facilities on all ships except Carnival Firenze, Carnival Luminosa, and Carnival Venezia.

As you have probably noticed, these are ships that were part of Costa Cruises and therefore did not offer this type of service.

If you’re a bit confused about all the ships, check the list of all the carnival ships ranked from best to worst.

Norwegian Cruise Line

Irons and clothes steamers are prohibited. However, passengers can request an iron and ironing board from guest services.

The number is obviously limited, so they can only be requested for a few hours a day, and you cannot keep them with you for the whole cruise.

Princess Cruises

Irons are not allowed in staterooms. However, laundry rooms with irons and ironing boards are available.

Disney Cruise Line

Launderette on Disney Cruise Line
Launderette on Disney Cruise Line

Personal irons are not permitted, but the ship provides self-service laundry rooms equipped with irons and ironing boards.

Celebrity Cruises

Irons and clothes steamers are prohibited. There are no self-service laundry facilities with ironing equipment.

Holland America Line

Irons are not allowed in staterooms. Some ships have self-service laundry rooms with irons and ironing boards.

Potential Penalties

Confiscated irons and steamers
Confiscated irons and steamers

I have already explained this to you in the article of the items that are always confiscated when boarding a cruise, if you bring an iron or steamer to embarkation it will be confiscated and returned to you at the end of the cruise.

In addition, be especially careful if you still manage to bring them on board.

If you use them despite the prohibitions, you risk a hefty fine or a ban from the cruise.

Remember that the cabin stewards’ duties include checking for possible dangerous objects in the cabin, so if they see an iron, they might alert security.

Perfect clothes without iron

I also want to give you some alternatives that I always use and am very happy with. They are all perfect for keeping your clothes wrinkle-free during your vacation.

Wrinkle Remover Spray

One thing that is very convenient to take on the go, and very easy to use, is a crease removal spray.

I didn’t know about it until a few years ago, and I must say it was really a breakthrough.

You just have to hang or lay the garment, use the spray until slightly damp, and pull out wrinkles by stretching the edge.

Here are the before and after pics. I think it works quite well, let me know what you guys think.

Before the wrinkle remover spray
Before the wrinkle remover spray
After the wrinkle remover spray
After the wrinkle remover spray

Packing techniques

Another thing that really changed my way of traveling is to follow some packing rules.

When I started rolling clothes instead of folding them, I noticed much less creases.

It’s a method that works perfectly well for t-shirts, casual shirts, pants, and casual dresses. Just try it and let me know what you think, you will probably not even need an iron anymore.

Use the laundry service

Laundry bag
Laundry bag

As we saw previously in the policy section, many cruise ships have launderettes that you can use.

They are usually located on the cabin decks, but if you cannot find them, ask a cabin steward or the front desk.

If your ship does not have them, you can still use the laundry service; usually, you can even have garments ironed without washing them.


Can I bring a travel iron?

No, you can’t even bring a travel iron.

They’re usually smaller but can reach high temperatures like normal ones, and that is precisely why these items are banned.

On my last cruise, a lady who was in front of me at the security checkpoint was carrying a very small travel iron that was still sealed in its original packaging.

Despite her pleas, the security officer still seized it.

What happens if I get caught with an iron?

Nothing much happens. If you want to get on the ship, you have to hand over your iron to security.

They will hold it for the entire cruise, and you can take it back when you disembark.

It is a different matter if you try to disguise it, if you sneak it on board and you try to use it, or if you don’t want to leave it.

In that case, you could be denied boarding or, in more serious cases, you could be banned from the cruise ship.

Are there any exceptions to the rules?

There is no exception that I am aware of.

Consider that exceptions are made only for serious health problems or extreme necessity.

Since the iron is not an indispensable device, it is difficult, if not impossible, for you to be granted an exception.


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