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You Can Live Permanently On A Cruise Ship! Here are the prices!

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Living on a cruise ship

Many people love cruises, as we can see from the constantly growing number of passengers. But some people love them so much that they want to spend more time on board, or even live permanently on them.

Is such a thing possible, or are cruise ships designed only for short trips that can’t exceed a few months?

In this article, I will answer these questions, and we will see if it is possible to fulfill the dream of living permanently on a cruise ship!

Is it possible to live on a cruise ship?

The answer is usually yes, but you have to consider a few aspects.

First of all, you need to consider the budget you have. Second, you need to figure out which ship is the best for your needs.

Several cruise lines allow passengers to live onboard, and each of them has different services and amenities.

Let’s have a look at the most famous ones and their prices.

Conventional cruise lines

Carnival Jubilee
Carnival Jubilee

Some people believe that traditional cruise lines are the best choice, so the ones you usually choose for your vacation. For example, Royal Caribbean, Carnival, NCL, Celebrity, MSC, etc.

You can definitely live on them but, in my opinion, it’s not the best thing to do.

The main problem is that they usually do not allow you to book for many consecutive days. You have to book each trip separately.

The biggest risk is not being able to book the same cabin every time and being forced to move around the ship.

Another main problem is that these ships usually follow short itineraries, so you would see the same places many times.

To avoid this, you could book world cruises, but they still only last a few months and do not allow you to really “live” aboard a cruise ship.

Specialized cruise lines

The best alternative, in my opinion, is to choose cruise lines that have ships designed specifically to reside on board.

There are not many of them around, this is a relatively new phenomenon, and some ships are still under construction.

But still, there are some that could definitely be considered and offer good service.

The World

MS The World
MS The World

The World is the largest and most famous private residential cruise ship.

It offers 165 luxurious residences that include apartments and studio cabins.

The interesting thing is that this ship continuously circumnavigates the globe, and the residents actively participate in itinerary decisions through elected boards.

Onboard you will find different amenities that include a supermarket, six restaurants, a fitness center, a golf simulator, and various cultural and educational areas.

The accommodations are way more spacious than conventional cruise ships, many of the cabins have three or two bedrooms, some have one bedroom and a few are studios.

Residents can also personalize their living spaces and move things around.

Victoria Majestic

Victoria Majestic
Victoria Majestic

Victoria Majestic is a ship operated by Victoria Cruises Line and offers an all-inclusive and adults-only residential experience.

The ship usually offers a 27-month global voyage, one of the longest in the world, and the passengers will visit over 200 destinations.

You can choose between a variety of luxurious accommodations, from inside cabins with virtual windows to premium staterooms and suites.

A thing that I particularly like about this ship is that the port stops are very long, so you have plenty of time to explore (in contrast to what usually happens with standard cruises).

MS Utopia

MS Utopia
MS Utopia

MS Utopia stands out because its residences are very large, they range from 1,439 to 6,500 square feet.

The only problem is the price because it can go between $4 million and $36 million (but we will discuss prices in more detail later).

You also need to consider that this is a fairly luxurious ship with high-end amenities and communal areas designed for an upscale living experience.

In addition, it is like having a permanent home at sea with all the freedom and beauty that it offers.

Since it’s designed for wealthy people, MS Utopia also features a dedicated concierge service, so that all resident needs are promptly addressed.

Villa Vie Residences

Villa Vie Residences
Villa Vie Residences

Villa Vie Odyssey was a ship owned by Cunard. I don’t know if you can remember it, but it was called Crown Dynasty.

Anyway, in 2024 the ship was sold to Villa Vie Residences, and it was transformed into a residential ship.

According to the last news, the project has been very successful as 70 percent of the inside cabins, and 50 percent of the outside cabins have already been sold.

The price for cabins starts at $99,999 and the ship is already scheduled to visit more than 425 destinations.

MV Narrative

MV Narrative cabin concept
MV Narrative cabin concept

MV Narrative is scheduled to launch in 2024 and is designed as the greenest residential ship.

It will offer 547 fully furnished residences, that will range from 237 to 2,411 square feet.

Since the apartments could be very different, the price range is quite large, with the cheapest cabins starting from $300,000 and the most expensive ones reaching $8 million.

Like most other ships, the MV Narrative is designed for those seeking a modern and eco-friendly living experience at sea. There will be fitness classes, cultural workshops, and social events to create a true on-board community.​

How much does it cost to live on a cruise ship?

Infinity pool on a cruise
Infinity pool on a cruise

Let’s now get to the sore point: the price!

As you imagine, buying and owning an apartment, or even a cabin, on a cruise ship is quite expensive.

For some smaller cabins on older ships, the price can start from $100,000.

While on newer, modern ships, larger apartments can reach or exceed several million dollars.

The other matter to consider is the monthly expenses.

Some companies let you buy the cabin but then charge fixed monthly fees to cover the cost of food, fuel, and activities on board.

In short, it is a very complicated issue and must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Before making a purchase, consider very well what is being offered to you.

I recommend that you get all the documents of the sale and have an attorney review them so that you have a good understanding of what is being proposed to you and what any additional costs might be.


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