All MSC Cruises Menus for 2024: Images and PDF!

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Hello everyone and welcome to another article here on

Today we’re going to talk again about MSC, one of my favorite cruise lines.

In particular, I will show you the menus that you can find on their ships.

Is food included on MSC Cruises?

Yes, meals are always included on MSC Cruises.

The booking rate covers breakfast, lunch, and dinner, either at the buffet or in an assigned restaurant.

Additionally, all ships feature specialty restaurants that require an additional fee. They typically specialize in specific types of cuisine, such as sushi, Mexican, or French.

Are drinks included on MSC?

Only a few types of beverages, such as tap water, coffee, and tea, are included on MSC

For all other drinks, such as soda, cocktails, and wine, you have to pay for each drink individually or (preferably) purchase a dedicated MSC drinks package.

The menus

Now, let’s delve into the menus.

As you might imagine, menus on a cruise ship often change depending on seasonality and itinerary.

What I will show you below are some menu examples that will help you understand the structure of meals on MSC ships.

MSC Breakfast Menu

Breakfast MSC World Europa
Breakfast with a view on MSC World Europa

Let’s start with breakfast.

Most passengers usually have breakfast at the ship’s buffet but, if you prefer, there is always the possibility of having breakfast à la carte in one of the restaurants.

As you can see in the picture below, the breakfast menu on MSC has 6 sections.

MSC breakfast menu

The first one is for “Fruit and Yogurt” and includes fruit salad, a selection of fresh fruit, assorted yogurt flavors, jams, and preserves.

The second section is dedicated to the fibers and includes hot cereals like oatmeal and cream of wheat. Cold cereals like cornflakes, choco-krispies, bircher muesli, and many more.

The third section is dedicated to cold dishes, including salmon bagels, cold cuts, and a selection of cheeses.

The fourth section is dedicated to the main dishes. In this part of the menu, you can find eggs cooked in different ways or pancakes.

On the left side of the menu, you can see the sections dedicated to sides, such as bacon, ham, or veggies.

The baked products like croissants, pain au chocolat, donuts and bread.

Then you will find the kids’ menu with a small selection of dishes and the beverages section which includes hot drinks, milk, and juices.

Breakfast room service menu

msc menu for breakfast room service
msc menu for breakfast room service

MSC Lunch Menu

Let’s now have a look at the lunch menu.

As you can see in the picture, for lunch you can choose between a selection of 3 starters. Usually one of them is always vegetarian and one is the soup of the day.

We then continue with a choice of 9 main courses. If you want you can also choose more than one.

Usually, there are always two types of salads, a sandwich, a hamburger, and a type of pasta. All other dishes change regularly.

On the left side of the lunch menu, you can see the desserts. There are usually 4 types of desserts.
Ice cream, the cheese plate, and the fruit plate are always available.

MSC lunch menu
MSC lunch menu 2
MSC lunch menu 3

MSC Main Dining Room Menu

Let’s now move to the dinner menu, the most elaborate one.

On the ships, the dinner menu changes every evening and can sometimes be themed based on the MSC theme nights planned for that day.

Every dinner menu has a selection of 4 starters (at least one is vegetarian or vegan) and 5 main courses.

On the left side of the menu, you can see the “Chef’s Suggestion“. It’s only one dish with a longer description and a fun fact about the used ingredients.

You can also see the “Classic Favorites” which are dishes that don’t change and are available during every dinner.

At the bottom, you can see the desserts. For dinner on MSC ships, you will find a selection of 5 desserts, plus ice cream, cheese, and fruit plates.

Another thing that I want you to note is that the dinner menus have a second page with a “Featured Selection” of dishes which have an extra price (usually $19.99 or 18.00€).

There are usually two of them, and they are made with premium ingredients such as lobster tail or beef tenderloin.

Dinner Menu 1

MSC dinner menu
MSC dinner menu 2

Dinner Menu 2

msc dinner menu main dining room

Dinner Menu 3

msc dinner menu main dining room

Dinner Menu 4

MSC dinner menu caribbean
MSC dinner menu caribbean 2

Dinner Menu 5

MSC dinner menu serata italiana
MSC dinner menu serata italiana 2

Dinner Menu 6

MSC dinner menu gala night
MSC dinner menu gala night

MSC Kid’s Menu

kids menu msc

Menus for the specialty restaurants

How do specialty restaurants work on MSC? There are two ways to go!

You can pre-purchase the specialty dining packages – meaning you will have a set menu to choose from at the selected restaurants. You will still have to book/reserve a day and time once you are on the ship.

Alternatively, you can just order freely from the whole menu after booking/reserving a day and time once you are onboard, without pre-purchasing anything. You can also change your mind and go with the specialty menu once you are in the restaurant.

Hola tacos & cantina

hola tacos & cantina msc menu
hola tacos & cantina msc menu 2
hola tacos & cantina msc menu 3

MSC Teppanyaki Menu

MSC Teppanyaki Menu
MSC Teppanyaki Menu 2

MSC Butcher’s Cut Menu

butcher's cut menu msc
butcher's cut menu msc 2
butcher's cut menu msc 3

PDF Versions

Below here you can find all the PDF versions of the MSC Menus.

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