P&O Cruise Theme Nights: 2024 Schedule for Every Ship

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theme nights on P&O cruises

Hello, cruise fans! Today we’re talking about P&O Cruises.

If this is not the first time you have read my blog, you already know that I’m a big fan of theme nights and I’ve already talked about those taking place on Royal Caribbean, Carnival, MSC, and NCL.

Therefore, I am excited to tell you about the ones on P&O, both for the Australian and the British ships.
We’re going to first look at the type of theme nights in general and then we’ll go through the 2024 schedule ship by ship.

All the theme nights on P&O Australia

Gatsby theme night (3 nights or longer)

p&o gatsby theme night
Gatsby theme night on P&O

I must admit that the Gatsby-themed party is my absolute favorite on P&O Australia.

It’s like taking a dip into the Roaring Twenties thanks to the atmosphere, music, and special cocktails prepared for the occasion.

Of course, join the mood and bring an appropriate outfit for the occasion. My advice is:

For men, think of sharp pinstripe suits, silk waistcoats, and polished oxfords.
While, women can opt for dazzle in sequined dresses, feathered headbands, and layers of pearls, completing the look with T-strap heels.

If you don’t have anything to wear there’s no problem, in the on-board shops you can purchase accessories designed specifically for this theme night.

Bianco theme night (3 nights or longer)

white theme night p&o
White theme night P&O

The white night is one of the most common and can be found on almost every cruise line.

P&O Australia also has one and it is dedicated to both adults and children, in fact, there is even a special Kids White Out Party.

Choosing the outfit is very simple, as the name says (bianco means white in Italian) you only need to dress completely in white from head to toe.

For this theme night, there will also be a live band along with the DJ who will keep you dancing nonstop with the latest songs and great classics.

Back To School theme night (7 nights or longer)

If your cruise is 7 nights or longer, you will also have a back-to-school theme night.

It will be an adults-only event where nostalgia meets fun, with the best retro hit played by the ship’s DJ.

As for clothes, you can opt for school uniforms or, why not, you can even dress up as a teacher!

In particular, men can opt for a neat button-up shirt paired with chinos or khakis and a fun, novelty tie.

On the other hand, women can choose pleated skirts and cardigans or sporty preppy blazers over graphic tees, complemented by loafers or sneakers to keep the vibe youthful and spirited.

2024 Schedule for every ship of P&O Australia

Pacific Explorer

  • Gatsby theme night
  • Bianco theme night
  • Back To School theme night
  • Sailaway party (no special outfit needed)

Pacific Adventure

  • Gatsby theme night
  • Bianco theme night
  • Back To School theme night
  • Sailaway party (no special outfit needed)

Pacific Encounter

  • Gatsby theme night
  • Bianco theme night
  • Back To School theme night
  • Sailaway party (no special outfit needed)

Theme nights on the British P&O

p&o arvia ship
P&O Arvia

I’m sorry to disappoint fans of theme nights, but the British P&O has cut back on theme nights since the pandemic.

I honestly don’t understand the reason for this decision. Some passengers told me that attendance at theme nights was too low.

However, I don’t think that is a good reason to cancel them, they could simply be better promoted through the cruise program.

Anyway at the moment, to my knowledge, there are only two theme nights, let’s find out more about them.

Black tie night

The theme night that is on every ship is the formal one, usually also called black tie night.

Recommended attire is the usual: men can wear a suit or tuxedo.
From what I have seen not everyone wears a tie or bow tie, if you want to be a little less formal you can omit it.

Women, on the other hand, can opt for a long evening gown, a cocktail dress, or a pantsuit.

One thing I want to specify is that it’s not mandatory to dress formally. However, I strongly recommend it since many of the passengers on board like to follow the dress code at least for this evening.

Tropical theme night

For some Caribbean cruises, I have heard that a tropical night is also scheduled.

This is amongst my favorite nights on cruises, and I think it is a shame that it is not done on all ships.

You can dress very colorfully in floral gowns, floral maxi dresses, floral shirts, and of course the must-have flower crown or flower necklace.

2024 Schedule for every P&O Ship


  • Formal night
  • Tropical night (for Caribbean cruises)


  • Formal night


  • Formal night


  • Formal night


  • Formal night
  • Tropical night (for Caribbean cruises)


  • Formal night


  • Formal night
  • Tropical night (for Caribbean cruises)
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