Here’s Why Someone Can Enter Your Cruise Cabin at Any Time

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someone can enter cruise cabin

The cabin on a cruise ship is where passengers can have their complete privacy.

No one can enter it except through the use of a key or a magnetic card that is provided at embarkation.

However, there are instances where someone has entered the cabin without the passengers’ will.

In this article, I will explain why this happened and what the rules are so that you are prepared for your next cruise.

Who can enter the cabin?

As I said in the introduction usually there are only 3 types of people who can enter a cabin on the cruise ship:

  • Passengers who booked that cabin.
  • The cabin steward who cleans and tidies the room.
  • The security personnel in case there’s a serious problem that requires the room to be opened.

In all other cases, no one should have access to your room. When you leave, always be sure to close the door behind you and check that it has shut tightly behind you.

The strange situation that happened on Carnival

Carnival cruise cabin with a window
Carnival cruise cabin with a window

On this topic, a rather strange situation happened not long ago on a Carnival ship.

Some passengers had the “do not disturb” signs outside the door and were inside their room.

A crew member opened the door anyway, violating their privacy.

The passengers complained to the cruise line, and the case became very popular on social media with many comments from other passengers angry about the incident.

The message of complaint was also sent to John Heald, the company’s brand ambassador.
Specifically, the message said:

“How would you like it if the cabin cleaner walked in on you John Herald. Our cleaner knocked and walked in on us ignoring the do not disturb sign we had out. This was not acceptable. We took away the gratuity and gave it to other crew people. Is this how Carnival trains their workers?”

After that, the company started an investigation and the result was very surprising.

The reason why a cruise line can enter your cabin

Do not disturb sign on Royal Caribbean
Do not disturb sign on Royal Caribbean

After a brief inquiry, Carnival’s response came via Heald who commented:

“The reason I am sharing this post is because when it was made, early last week, it had lots of you adding your thoughts saying that this was indeed wrong and that it should not have happened. I have since spoken with the Housekeeping Manager who explained what had happened. The guests had their “ SNOOZIN” sign out for more than 24 hours. So it is company policy that we check the safety and well being of the guests and that is what happened here.

The state room attendant did knock as they always do before entering and as there was no reply they entered the room with the floor supervisor also there.

The crew member was simply doing her job.

I hope this explains the other side to the story.”

As you have been able to read, a very interesting internal policy was unveiled: the stateroom attendant is responsible for controlling the welfare of passengers staying in their rooms.

If they don’t see you for more than 24 hours, they will knock on the room to ask if everything is okay, or as happened in this case, they will come in to check on you.

What do you think of this policy?

I am curious to know what you guys think about this policy. I’m sure there will be some people in favor and some people against it.

I only want to say that, in case it is really necessary, the cabin crew should knock louder so that those inside can hear.

I often did not hear the knocking when I ordered something in the room, perhaps because cruise ship doors are very thick.

Let me know what you think via a comment below or via a message on my Facebook page Cruise with Leo.
Would you be upset if someone entered your room while there was a do not disturb sign outside the door?

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