7 Things You Should Never Buy on a Cruise

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things you should never buy on a cruise

Cruise ships have always been consumerism-oriented. A variety of stores can be found on board: from clothing to jewelry, from souvenirs to electronics.

Is there anything that would be better not to buy?
Actually yes, after going on several cruises and many years of experience, I have realized that some things should be 100% avoided.

here is the list of 7 things I never buy, and you would be wise to avoid them as well!

1. Overpriced Fitness Classes

Gym on a cruise ship
Gym on a cruise ship

Cruise ships often feature state-of-the-art fitness centers and offer a variety of fitness classes ranging from yoga to HIIT. However, these classes are usually quite expensive.

The high cost can be attributed to the captive audience environment of a cruise ship, where the options are limited compared to on land.

I’m aware that it might be tempting to sign up for these classes to maintain your fitness routine, however, it’s a thing I would recommend not to buy.

Instead, consider utilizing the free gym facilities that are available on every cruise ship. Many ships also offer tracks for running or walking, and some even have sports courts.

2. Designer items

Watches on sale on a cruise
Watches on sale on a cruise

Many cruise ships have duty-free shops, so at first you could think that purchasing designer items might be a good idea. However, my advice is to exercise extreme caution.

Sometimes, prices are higher than those in traditional stores. So it will seem like you are saving some money thanks to the absence of taxes but in reality, you will be paying even more.

In addition, I have noticed that salespeople on cruise ships are very savvy. They can persuade through their skills, and you might find yourself buying something you don’t actually need.

Remember, the glamour of the cruise environment can make items seem more desirable than they might appear in a more classical setting.

3. Spa Treatments

I know, the atmosphere of cruise ship spas is incredibly inviting. They usually offer a wide range of treatments from massages to beauty peels, often with a view of the ocean.

However, these treatments come with a steep price. As we saw in the article about Royal Caribbean spa prices, treatments on cruise ships are often much more expensive than those at home.

A classical massage can exceed 200 $, while a body treatment can exceed even 300 $. I know that vacation is also about pampering yourself, but I would avoid spending all this money on something you can do on land for half the price.

4. Casino Games

One thing you need to be especially careful about on a cruise is the casino.

The allure of that place can be hard to resist for many, but remember that it can ruin your holiday too.

The odds in cruise ship casinos are similar to those in land-based casinos, which means the house always has an edge. They often try to sell you tickets for special draws such as winning a cruise or other prizes that people who like to travel would really enjoy. Never purchase this kind of thing!

If you really want to play, set a strict budget before your cruise and stick to it.

5. Professional Photos

Every cruise ship has professional photographers ready to capture your best vacation moments.

It’s tempting to purchase these high-quality photos as souvenirs, but they are very expensive.

With that money, you can think about buying a good camera that will guarantee you all the shots you want without any additional cost.

However, If there are some professional shots that you particularly like, I suggest you don’t buy them right away. On almost every cruise I’ve been on, mid-trip, discounts or special price packages are usually offered to passengers.

6. Single drinks

beverages menu on Royal Caribbean
Beverages menu on a cruise

In my opinion, one of the things you should never buy on a cruise is a single drink. They can quickly become one of the most expensive things of your trip, without you realizing it.

If you plan to have cocktails, especially alcoholic ones, I definitely recommend that you purchase a beverage package.

Many cruise lines offer them. The only thing you have to do is assess your personal consumption habits. Remember to consider that on a cruise there is a lot of free time, and many bars, and so you are inclined to drink more often than normal.

To get a better idea, take a look at the articles on Royal Caribbean’s beverage packages and MSC’s beverage packages.

7. Internet connection

Another thing you should never buy on a cruise? The internet connection!

Hold off on insulting me. I know everyone needs to connect to the internet to check e-mail, communicate, and be up-to-date with the news.

However, think about the fact that you are on vacation and that this is a good opportunity to disconnect from the digital world.

You can use the Internet when you go down to the ports, but on the ship try to enjoy the activities and interactions with other passengers.

Unless I am on a cruise for work, I try never to purchase the internet package.
What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments!

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