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13 Free things you can take from a cruise cabin

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things you can take home from a cruise cabin

In cruise ship cabins, as well as in hotels, you will find some items that are included in the price.

But what are these items? And can you take them home when your vacation ends?

Since I noticed a lot of confusion, I decided to create a list with all the items you can safely take home.

I think this is quite an interesting thing, so let’s get started right away!

1. Mini shower gel and shampoo

Mini size products on cruise

The first thing you can take home, which is usually found on practically every trip, are the mini sizes of shower gel and shampoo.

You usually find them in the bathroom, and you can request more from your cabin steward if they run out.

Above you can see the ones I found on my last cruise with Royal Caribbean.

As you can see there was body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion.

I was very happy with them and liked them very much.

Unfortunately, however, other times I have come across them in big dispensers, and in that case, you obviously cannot take them home.

2. Slippers

MSC Slippers

The other thing I love to take home are the slippers that you can find in the room.

They are usually placed inside the closet or in one of the drawers.

However, from what I’ve noticed not all cruise lines include them with standard cabins.
In many cases, they are included only for those who book premium category cabins or suites.

3. Drinks in the mini-fridge (if included in the package)

Cabin mini-bar
Cabin mini-bar

When you arrive in the cabin, you might find some chilled beverages already in the mini-fridge.

Whether you can take them, or if they come at an additional cost, depends on the type of beverage package you have purchased.

For more information, I invite you to look at the guides on drink packages.

4. Pens and small gadgets with the company logo

Usually, all the small items that have the company logo are promotional gadgets and can be taken.

In some cases, you may find pins, lanyards for hanging cruise cards, or stickers. Check on the desk, they are usually placed there.

5. Fruit and champagne

Depending on the cabin you book, you may find a fruit basket or a bottle of champagne upon arrival.

Obviously, these are things included in the price, so you can take them.

Usually these “gifts” are for suite clients or frequent travelers who have high status in loyalty programs.

6. Daily program

Daily planner on a cruise desk

Every day, you will find a program with all the activities available on the ship, either on the desk or on the bed.

I recommend taking the daily program with you so that you always check the schedule and don’t forget the things to do.

As I said in the list of essentials to bring on a cruise, I also bring a highlighter to underline the things that I am interested in and absolutely don’t wanna miss.

7. Tote bags

On some cruise lines, you may also find a tote bag, but in some cases, it might be made of paper or plastic.

It is mainly intended as a bag for carrying clothes to the laundry, but if you don’t use this service, you can take it for your own clothes.

I usually use it to keep all my dirty clothes together to wash when I get home.

8. Chocolates

MSC Chocolate bar

Another thing I like to find in the cabin is chocolate. I have a sweet tooth, and it’s a treat that makes me too happy.

Usually, the cabin steward leaves a chocolate on the pillow, or you can find an actual chocolate bar.

The one you see in the picture above is the one I got for free on MSC by booking the cabin in the Aurea experience.

9. Vanity kit

In some cabins, you might also find a small vanity kit, and of course, you can take things home if you don’t use them during the trip.

It can include a shower cap, cotton wool pads, cotton buds, a small nail file, and a razor.

Remember that if you didn’t find it in the cabin, you could request it from the cabin steward or the reception. They usually have some spare ones available, especially if you tell them that you forgot to bring something from home.

10. Tea and coffee

Tea and coffee on a cruise

Tea and coffee bags are included if you have a kettle or coffee maker in your cabin.

There are usually sachets of different types, and there might also be sugar, milk, or herbal teas.

If you want you can take them home, the cabin steward will add more for the next guest.

11. Envelopes and bookmarks

I haven’t found it on all cruise ships, but on the more fancy ones, there could be an envelope and a bookmark.

I don’t know about you, but I like to send handwritten letters when I’m on vacation, maybe even with a picture taken with my instant camera.

So I really appreciate it when I find these things in the cabin, especially because they are branded, and you can’t find them anywhere else but on board.

12. Sewing kit

Unexpected events always happen during travel, especially with clothes.

It has happened to me quite often that a pair of pants or a shirt gets a hole, or a small part of the fabric gets torn.

If it happens to your look for the sewing kit and if you can’t find it ask a staff member for it. I then put it in my backpack, so I always have it with me.

13. Pen and notepad

The last thing you can take from your cabin are the pens and notepads.

These two items are also often branded, and the company likes when you carry them around.

I usually bring mine from home, but many people forget them, as we have seen in the list of the 43 things people always forget to pack for a cruise, so it’s always good to find them in your cabin.


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