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10 Things You Must Do As You Enter Your Cruise Cabin

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Embarkation day on a cruise is always tricky.

You have to get to the port, check-in, drop off your bags, find your stateroom, and then there is finally the best part: opening the door to what will be your accommodation for the next few days.

However, when you enter the cabin, there are still a few things to do and organize.

My advice is to do them as soon as possible. This way, you’ll get them out of the way quickly and then you’ll be free to enjoy your cruise.

1. Check if your bags have arrived

Suitcases in the corridor of a cruise ship

The first thing to do, as soon as you arrive in the room, is to check whether your bags have arrived.

Depending on the cruise line, you may find them inside the room or right outside the door.

If you do not find them also look around any corners or inside the closet, in some cases, they may be placed there so as not to get in the way.

In case they have not arrived, don’t worry, they will probably be delivered to you shortly, and you can focus on the other things that need to be done.

2. Take some photos

nice cabin cruise ship
Photo taken as soon as we entered the cabin

As soon as you enter the cabin, it is also a good time to take pictures or make a nice video.

They will be perfect to send to family and friends or to post on social media.

I recommend doing them right away for one simple reason, as soon as you start unpacking and arranging your things it will start to get messy and the cabin will no longer look as tidy as you found it.

3. Check the bed configuration

Then check the beds and their configuration. Is that the one you requested?

Usually, the beds on a cruise can be split and joined to make two single beds or a double, and the cabin steward takes care of that.

Then also check the sleeping arrangements for the third and fourth person (if they are traveling with you).

Sometimes their beds may be hidden, such as in the ceiling or a sofa, and they will be opened before going to sleep.

4. Try the pillows

Pillows in the cabin

The other thing I always do, which I also recommend to you, is to check the pillows.

Touch them and try them on to see if they are the right height and softness for you.
Pillows are very important for a good night’s sleep, and you don’t want to sleep poorly during your cruise.

If the pillow you find in your cabin is not right for you, you can contact your cabin steward.
There are usually other types of pillows available for you to choose from.

5. Check that everything is working

Socket on the lamp

As soon as you arrive check that everything is working properly.

The lights, television, bathroom flush, and shower. By doing a check right away, if there is something wrong you can report it to have it fixed.

In some cases, they can also assign you another fully functional room. And why not, if you had a disservice, you can also ask to have a free cabin upgrade.

6. Wipe some of the dirtiest things

cabin telephone
Cabin telephone

Although cruise ships are generally very clean, there are some things you need to be especially careful about.

According to some research, there are some things in hotel rooms and cabins on cruises that are dirtier than others.

These include the remote control, the telephone, the buttons to turn on the light, and the drawer handles. If you want a thorough cleaning, you can go over these things with sanitizing wipes.

7. Put your precious things in the safe

Safe in the closet

If you travel with jewelry, valuables, or lots of cash, remember to put it in the cabin safe right away.

It’s the only safe place where you can leave things, without running the risk of them being stolen.

Usually, there’s a safe in every cabin, although sometimes it may be hidden.
If you can’t find it, look well in the closet or a drawer; it is generally positioned in these places.

In addition, for safety reasons remember that you should not bring too much cash. If you’re in doubt, check the article where we’ve seen the right amount of cash to bring on a cruise.

8. Unpack to avoid wrinkles 

Clothes placed in the closet

When the suitcases arrive, immediately place the clothes in the closet to prevent wrinkles.

Iron is among the prohibited items so you will not be able to use it on a cruise.

In particular, use hangers to hang clothes more prone to creasing such as shirts or silk clothes.

Once you are done, you can put the suitcase under the bed to save space.

9. Check the balcony

balcony door cruise
Balcony of a cruise

Another thing I usually do, which I recommend, is to go and check the outside.

Open the balcony door and go outside to check the view, the cleanliness of the balcony, or if there is anything wrong.

Remember that if you paid for a regular cabin you are entitled to a full view, while some cabins may have obstructed views.

The latter are generally cabins to avoid. You can find them in the articles on the cabins to avoid on Royal Caribbean and the cabins to avoid on Carnival ships.

10. Put things in the mini-fridge

Mini-fridge on a cruise
Mini-fridge on a cruise

When you have completed all the previous things, you can do the last one, which is to place the things that need to be in the cooler.

Most ships have a mini-fridge, so you can store your water bottle, snacks, or anything else that might spoil in the heat.

Bonus point

Assembly stations on Icon of the Seas
Assembly stations on Icon of the Seas

In addition to the previous things, one thing you need to do as soon as you are on the ship is to check where your muster station is.

On some ships, they’re also called assembly stations, and they’re basically some areas where you have to go if there is an emergency on board.

The location is usually written on your cruise card, and it’ll likely be written on the back of your cabin door too.


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