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5 Things You Must Never Do Near a Cruise Ship

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Cruise ships in port

Cruise ships are seen as dream places where you can have fun, relax, and spend your holidays.

However, you must remember that cruise ships are means of transportation that come with their own risks and dangers.

For this reason, it is important not to do anything foolish, to follow the crew’s instructions, and to avoid certain actions when near the ship.

In particular, in this article, we will see the 5 things you should never do when you are near a ship of this size.

1. Engage in fishing or water sports nearby


Cruise ships are much more dangerous than they might seem. Therefore, it is important to avoid fishing, jet skiing, or engaging in any other water sports near them.

Many cruise lines offer sports and other water activities when the ship stops at a port.

Always be sure to stay in permitted areas and maintain a safe distance from the ship.


Even if the ship seems stationary to you, its propellers may be running and could pose a great risk to your safety.

2. Throw objects or smoke near the ship

View from the cruise ship
View from the cruise ship

Another thing you should not do near a cruise ship is to throw objects into the sea or near the ship.

Let’s be clear, you should never throw objects into the sea, not even when you’re on the ship, as this could get you banned.

However, there might be an even greater risk when the ship is in port and when, for example, it’s refueling.

In this case, it is absolutely risky to throw cigarette butts near the ship and it is something you should never do.

3. Ignore port authorities

Walking to the cruise ship
Walking to the cruise ship

Security checkpoints with barriers and screening gates may be set up near the ship.

Some cruise ships can accommodate several thousand people, so security checks are critical for everyone’s sake.

If there is a locked gate or a restricted area, follow the signs and instructions, and do not try to enter or climb over.

Ignoring port authorities is a crime in many countries, and getting too close to the ship without going through security checks could get you in trouble.

4. Get too close with small boats

Back of Wonder of the Seas
Back of Wonder of the Seas

Likewise, you should not approach cruise ships from the sea using small boats.

This is for two reasons: first, as a matter of passenger safety.

The ship’s captain might see you as a threat, for example mistaking you for a pirate, and might alert the authorities immediately.

Second, approaching a large cruise ship with a small boat is not a good idea.

Cruise ships have limited maneuverability and require significant time and space to change direction or stop. Getting too close would create a very high risk of collision.

5. Swim close to the cruise ship

Two Royal Caribbean ships in Cococay
Two Royal Caribbean ships in Cococay

The last thing you should definitely not do is get too close while you are swimming.

Cruise ships can generate strong currents in the surrounding water, particularly when maneuvering in and out of ports or when using thrusters to dock.

These currents can easily pull a swimmer toward the ship and lead to a great risk of injury or drowning.

In addition, remember that due to the ship’s size, the visibility from the bridge is limited, so the crew members may not be able to see someone swimming in the water.


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