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10 Things You Can Bring on a Plane But Not a Cruise Ship

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Before going on a cruise, you have to pass some pretty strict security checks.

In some ways, the screening is very similar to what happens at airports, and the prohibited items are often the same.

However, some items are allowed on planes but are prohibited on a cruise.

Some of you may think this is a strange thing, but I assure you that there are specific reasons why this happens.

So let’s take a look at what these items are and why they are banned on cruise ships!

1. Hoverboards and electric scooters

Electric scooter
Electric scooter

Hoverboards and electric scooters are very convenient for short-distance travel and are allowed in checked luggage on planes.

You can use them to go from your home to the airport or to move around the city during your travels.

However, these devices are banned on cruise ships due to safety concerns. The greatest risk is fire that can be generated from the big lithium batteries they have.

Moreover, people could use them on the ship and cause accidents.
Remember that cruise ship corridors and decks are not designed for the use of such devices, and the ship’s movement (especially when the sea is rough) can lead to falls and injuries.

2. Pocket knives

I don’t know why but, according to some TSA guidelines, pocket knives are allowed on planes if they are checked during security screening.

I suppose that such small blades do not pose a safety risk in the airplane.

However, many cruise lines do not allow any sharp objects, including all knives and big scissors.

They will then be confiscated upon embarkation and returned to you at the end of the cruise.

Below here you can see some knives that were confiscated on a cruise. I’d be curious to know who thinks of bringing a set of steak knives on a cruise.

Confiscated knives set

3. Pets

Pets on a cruise: an issue that has been debated for years between those in favor and those against.

On many airlines, they are allowed, but consider that airplanes are merely means of transportation.

Cruise ships, on the other hand, are both means of transportation and places to stay.

Allowing pets would require special services, and currently, hardly any cruise lines seem interested in admitting them.

4. Inflatable pool toys and pool noodles

One of the best things about cruise ships is the swimming pools, and of course, they are loved by children as well.

However, remember that pool toys and pool noodles are not allowed. I know your child probably has some pool toys that he or she may want to bring and have fun with.

Imagine, though, if every child brought his or her own toys. The pool would become a big playground!

To avoid these unpleasant situations, cruise lines have thought of banning all inflatable toys, without any exception.

5. Power strips and extension cords

cruise approved power strip
Cruise-approved power strip

I know that many of you travel with a lot of electronic devices, but unfortunately, surge-protected power strips and extension cords are prohibited on cruise ships.

As you can imagine, this is due to the risk of overloading the ship’s electrical system and potential fire hazards.

Cruise ships typically have more than one outlet in cabins, and newer ships also include USB ports.

You can check which and how many outlets you will find in the article about the electrical plug sockets on Royal Caribbean.

If you really need additional outlets, you can bring a non-surge-protected power strips specifically designed for cruise ships.

On the package, it usually says “cruise approved,” so you can’t go wrong.

6. Steamers and irons

Many people ask about it, especially on Facebook groups, and I can confirm that irons and steamers are not allowed on cruise ships.

You can usually bring them on a plane because you can’t use them, but many people want to remove wrinkles from clothes and would like to have them on ships.

The reason behind the ban is quite obvious, irons can reach very high temperatures and can cause fires if left attached to the socket.

Fire risk is the biggest danger on a ship, and cruise lines tend to be very strict with these rules.

Below you can see many steamers that were confiscated during boarding by Royal Caribbean.

confiscated steamers cruise
Confiscated steamers

7. Alcoholic beverages

Alcoholic beverages on a cruise
Alcoholic beverages on a cruise

Bringing alcoholic beverages onboard a cruise ship is generally restricted.

Most cruise lines allow passengers to bring a limited amount of wine or champagne but prohibit hard liquor. Before your embarkation, remember to check the alcohol policy for your cruise line.

Here you can find the list of the policies for the most famous ones.

Also remember that if you bring wine or champagne, they can ask you to pay a corkage fee if you wish to consume it in public areas.

Some passengers also try to sneak alcohol on a cruise ship with some creative methods, but it’s not something I would suggest.

The best thing to do in this case, in my opinion, is to purchase a drink package.

8. Coffee makers and kettles

Coffee maker in a cruise cabin
Coffee maker in a cruise cabin

Personal coffee makers and kettles are allowed on planes, but not on cruise ships.

All these appliances pose a fire hazard due to their heating elements. Usually, the only things that heat up and are allowed on a cruise are the hair dryer and straightener.

In addition, I don’t know why some people want to take them on a cruise.

Cruise ships have many cafés and dining areas, and you can ask for a drink basically everywhere.

Also, consider that standard coffee is among the 10 drinks that are free on every cruise ship and that some cabins are already equipped with a coffee maker.

9. Homemade food

This is a very important thing to know because there is a big difference between airplanes and cruise ships.

Homemade food is allowed on planes, while is absolutely prohibited on cruise ships for health and safety reasons.

As we said in the article about the cleanest and dirtiest cruise ships, these places have very strict food safety standards because, since there are thousands of people on board, the risk of contamination is quite high.

So the only food that you can have with you when embarking on a cruise is the dry and packed one.

If you have specific dietary restrictions, and you need to bring your own food, remember to notify the cruise line well in advance.

10. Flying objects

Confiscated items desk at the port
Confiscated items desk at the port

Flying objects such as kites, drones, or any other flying toy are prohibited from cruise ships but can be taken on planes.

Again the reason is always the same, on a plane you put them in your luggage and cannot use them, while on a cruise you can use them outside and create damage.

These items can interfere with the ship’s navigation and communication systems, and their use on a big moving ship can be dangerous.

If you still want to bring any of these objects, my tip is to always check with the cruise line for specific rules.

In addition, remember that you can contact customer service for more detailed information or to request an exception.


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