7 Tips to Find The Best Cabins on a Cruise Ship!

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big terrace and best cabin on a cruise

In the last period, I have been telling you a lot about the worst cabins on a cruise ship.

We have seen the cabins to avoid on Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and even NCL.

However, in this article, I want to do something different. I want to give you 7 useful tips to find the perfect cabin on every cruise ship.

These are tips that I always follow even when I book a cruise for myself, so I hope they are useful for you as well.

Watch out for seasickness

nice cabin cruise ship
Nice cabin on a cruise ship

The first thing I recommend is to look for cabins where you can feel less sea movement.

Especially if you suffer from seasickness, it is important to choose a cabin with the right location so as not to make it worse.

In this case, the rules for finding a good cabin are:

  • Avoid the far ends of the ship: so too far forward or too far aft; better to prefer central cabins.
  • Avoid cabins on decks that are too high; better to prefer lower decks where the size of the swing will be smaller.

Look at the location of the buffet and the restaurant

buffet on Carnival
Buffet on Carnival

At the same time, choose a convenient location to reach the areas where you will be going most often.

For example, check on the ship plan where the buffet or main restaurant is located and choose a cabin close to them.
Pay attention because I said close but not right next to or immediately below, in which case you risk hearing too much noise.

In addition, check the location of the elevators. Choose a cabin close enough to them so that you do not walk too much.

Find the quietest locations

cabin of a cruise ship
Cabin of a cruise ship

I have given this advice many times, and I will never tire of repeating it: choose only cabins that are surrounded by other cabins. Both on the sides, upstairs and downstairs.

Only in this case will you be sure to have a fairly quiet cabin.

If there are pools, common areas, or attractions above you or to the sides, there’s a high risk of hearing noises.

Choose the right category for you

Another tip I want to give you to find the perfect cabin is to well evaluate all categories.

In general, cruises have 4 main categories: inside cabin, outside cabin, balcony cabin, and suite.

In recent years, however, several cruise lines have introduced special categories such as Havana cabanas on Carnival or virtual balcony cabins on Royal Caribbean.

In short, before booking examine the ship you have chosen and look at all the available cabins. It might surprise you but, in some cases, an inside cabin might even be the best choice!

Look at the balcony size

big balcony on Royal Caribbean
Big balcony on Royal Caribbean

An important tip, and something I only discovered after several cruises, is that not all balconies are the same size.

Most cabins have a standard-size balcony, usually between 5 and 9 sqm. Some cabins, however, may have much larger balconies.

For example, on MSC there are cabins with premium balconies that can be as large as 35 sqm. A huge size if we consider that it’s a balcony on a cruise ship.

These cabins are perfect if you like to spend a lot of time on the balcony of the cabin to have breakfast, eat a snack, or sunbathe.

Consider the amenities

MSC Yacht Club
MSC Yacht Club

Another thing you always have to consider to find the best cabins is the amenities that are included with the cabin.

We have already seen in the article on the hidden things that can be found in a cabin, that many items are already included.

However, some cabins can also include extra things such as access to the spa, to private areas of the ship, or the invitation to exclusive dinners and events.

These cabins are usually more expensive than normal, but you have to judge for yourself based on what you are interested in.

If you are looking for a complete experience you might consider booking special cabins such as Yacht Club cabins on MSC or The Haven cabins on NCL.

Think about the guaranteed cabins

The last thing I want to talk about is guaranteed cabins.

I personally don’t like them, but I understand that they can be the best choice for people who want to save money.

They are cheaper because you cannot choose the exact cabin number and location.
The cruise line will automatically assign you a cabin in the category you have chosen or, if you are lucky, you will get a free upgrade and receive a cabin in a higher category.

The problem lies right there, it’s a matter of luck. You can get a good cabin or a not-so-good one, but as I said if you want to save money it might still be a good option for you!

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