7 Hidden things you can find in a cruise ship cabin!

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hidden things in a cruise ship cabin

Cruise ship cabins are known for their design efficiency, and some of the things you can find in them often surprise first-time cruisers.

I decided to create an article with 7 hidden things that can be found in cruise ship cabins. I will explain how to find them and what their function is.

After you read everything, cruise ship cabins will have no more secrets for you!

1. Storage behind the mirror

In some cruise ship cabins, the mirror in the bathroom or near the vanity doubles as a storage cabinet.

To find out if your mirror hides storage, you might try moving it slightly forward or looking for a way to open it.

If the mirror offers hidden storage, it usually looks deeper than a standard mirror, indicating space behind it for storing items like beauty or body care products.

However, some mirrors, especially corner ones on ships like those of Norwegian Cruise Line, are well disguised, and you wouldn’t know there’s storage behind them unless you try to open them.
In the photo below you can see an example of one of those found on NCL ships.

Storage behind the mirror on Norwegian Cruise Line
Storage behind the mirror on Norwegian Cruise Line

Discovering this storage can be a pleasant surprise. It’s a very handy spot to keep your items organized and out of sight.

2. Hidden electrical outlets

Nowadays, staying connected is more important than ever, and cruise ships have adapted to this need by adding more electrical outlets.

Usually, some electrical outlets are perfectly visible and are located over the cabin desk.

Be careful, however, because some may be more hidden and difficult to locate. They can be discreetly installed in drawers, under desks, or behind movable panels.

For example, many cruise ships have electrical outlets on the sides of the bed that are hidden in the lamps. Below you can see a picture of the ones on Royal Caribbean that are quite visible but on some ships, they are even more hidden.

Electrical outlets on a cruise
Electrical outlets on a cruise

3. Clothesline

Many cruise cabins have a hidden retractable clothesline in the shower or bathtub.

This feature is incredibly useful for passengers who enjoy onboard pools or shore excursions that involve water activities.

Swimsuits and small laundry items can be hung and easily dry overnight. It’s an object that I really love because it not only saves space in the cabin, but also reduces the need for frequent laundry services, which can be costly and less convenient.

The clothesline is typically discreet and tucked away when not in use. Just pull the wire from one end and hook it on the other end.
Below is a picture of the clothesline I found on my last cruise.

 Retractable clothesline
Retractable clothesline
Clothesline in a cruise shower
Clothesline in a cruise shower

4. Refrigerator

The mini-fridge in cruise ship cabins is a hidden convenience that can significantly enhance the stay. Very often, it is tucked away within a sleek cabinet or under a desk.

If you can’t find it or open it just ask the cabin attendant, sometimes it may have been locked by mistake.

While it’s not very large, these refrigerators are perfect for storing snacks, medication that requires cooling, or a bottle of wine for a special occasion.

If you store medication remember to check the temperature of the fridge. Sometimes they don’t cool like normal refrigerators, so if you have any doubts, just ask at the help desk.

Upon arrival, it might be stocked with chargeable items. If you prefer to use the space for personal items, you can also request the removal of these products.

5. Room service menu

If you want to enjoy a variety of dining options from the comfort of your room, you have to look for the room service menu.

It can often be found in a desk drawer or as part of the interactive TV system.

The menu typically includes a range of choices, from light snacks to full meals. Some items may come with an additional charge so be sure to inquire before ordering.

I must confess that I rarely use room service. I don’t like to spend too much time locked in the cabin, I prefer to go out and enjoy all the spaces on the ship.

6. Luggage mat

An item that always goes unnoticed is the luggage mat. You can find it in the closet or on a shelf, ready to be laid out upon your arrival, or already on the bed.

The mat is designed to protect the bedspread when unpacking or repacking your suitcase. The room steward will usually store it for you afterward, but I usually just place it under the bed with the empty luggage.

Luggage mats are usually customized with the company’s logo. In the picture below you can see the one from Carnival that says “Unpack and choose Fun

Luggage mat on Carnival
Luggage mat on Carnival

7. Laundry bag

Look well in your closet or drawers and you should also find a laundry bag. It will be handy to store all dirty clothes to be sent for washing to the laundry room located on the ship.

For short cruises I almost never use the laundry, however, I still take the bag and put it in my backpack because it can always come in handy.

Remember that if you want to send the clothes to be washed you must also complete the accompanying form with the details and your laundry preferences.

To conclude

I hope this article was helpful and made you discover aspects of the cabins that you had not noticed before.

If there are other hidden items that you noticed and are not on the list, remember you can leave a comment below, I always enjoy reading them.
XO, Leo.

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