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The 7 Cheapest Cabins on Any Cruise Ship

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cheap cabin on a cruise ship

Have you noticed that choosing the right cabin for a cruise has become a real challenge?

New cruise ships have thousands of cabins, and over the years the number of categories available has certainly increased as well.

Among all this confusion, it is difficult to figure out which cabins are the cheapest and which ones you should book if you want to save as much as possible.

For this reason, I thought I would create a guide with the 7 cabins that are definitely among the cheapest you will find on board.

1. Unsold cabins

Unsold cabin

Let’s start with the cheapest cabins ever: the unsold ones!

For cruise lines, it’s very important to sell as many cabins as possible, even if they don’t make money from them, they can still make a lot of money from excursions, drink packages, and other “extras” that the passengers may buy.

For this reason, they always aim for 100% occupancy but often struggle to reach it, especially during off-peak seasons.

What does this mean? Those unsold cabins are offered at a very low price just before departure.

Some travel agents call them last-minute cabins, some others just promote them as last-minute deals on unsold cabins.

In any case, they are a great opportunity for budget-savvy travelers. You can usually find them from one to two months before the departure, or even just a few days in advance.

2. Promotional or group-purchased cabins

Cruise corridor
Cruise corridor

I don’t know if anyone knows this, but promotional cabins are often available through special sales or group purchases.

Some travel agencies (usually the big ones) book blocks of cabins, which they then sell at discounted rates.

I’ve also noticed that these promotions can include added perks like onboard credits or free excursions.

Group bookings also offer significant savings, especially for large families or friends traveling together.

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I often send these kinds of offers!

3. Inside Cabins

Inside cabin on Royal Caribbean
Inside cabin on Royal Caribbean

There’s nothing magical about it: among the cheapest cabins on a cruise, you will always find the inside ones.

An important thing that I want to underline is that inside cabins are often undervalued or even snubbed.

I have met many passengers who are shocked when you tell them you travel in an inside cabin.

The truth is that an inside cabin is perfect for those who want to go on a cruise without spending a lot.

If you have any prejudices about it, I recommend you look at this list of the reasons why an inside cabin is the best choice on a cruise.

4. Cabins with Obstructed Views

Cabin with obstructed view
Cabin with obstructed view

The other cheap cabins are those with obstructed views. I am not a fan of these, however they can be considered.

Usually, these cabins, which may have a balcony or window, have the view obstructed by a lifeboat or a metal part of the ship.

I was telling you that I am not a fan because these cabins usually save you very little compared to regular ones, so it may not be worth it.

The only case where I recommend them is if you know exactly what you are going to book. Sometimes the obstruction may be partial or very minimal, and in that case, it might be a good deal.

However, it is very difficult to predict the kind of obstruction you will find unless you find a specific photo of the cabin.
As for the cabin numbers, you can find a fairly comprehensive list in these articles:

5. Cabins on Lower Decks

Dirty cruise window
Cabin on a low deck (and a very dirty window too)

If you want to find cheap cabins on the ship plan, always remember that the lower the deck the cheaper the cabins.

Then as you go up with the decks, the cabins start getting more and more expensive, they rise in category until you get to the highest decks where you usually find the suites.

Pay attention because this doesn’t mean that cabins on lower decks are always bad, in fact, they can be more stable and quieter, as they are farther from the ship’s main public areas and higher traffic zones.

6. Guaranteed Cabins

Interior cabin on Carnival Jubilee
Guarantee cabin on Carnival

Another option to save quite a bit of money is to book a guaranteed cabin.

It means that you just book the cabin category without choosing the exact cabin number.

Close to the sailing date, the cruise line automatically assigns your cabin, either in your category or a higher one (never a lower one).

As I said in the post about the tips to find the best cabins on a cruise ship, I’m not really a fan of this method.

It can work out well for you, for example by getting an upgrade, or it can go badly if you receive a cabin with an obstructed view or in a location on the ship that you don’t like.

However, if you’re traveling on a budget, it is definitely a good option to consider.

7. Studio Cabins

solo cabin with a single bed on a cruise
Studio cabin with a single bed

I didn’t know about this option, but last year I discovered that some ships have studio cabins for single passengers.

They are definitely a good option if you are traveling alone and do not want to pay for a double cabin.

In particular, the ones at NCL ships are very popular because you also have access to an exclusive lounge for solo travelers where you can meet a lot of other passengers.

solo lounge on NCL
Solo lounge on NCL

I told you about it during my completely alone cruise experience.

To Conclude

I hope these tips will help you and that you will be able to save as much as possible for your next cruise.

Remember that choosing the right travel agent is also important. I know this because, unfortunately, I’ve had a few bad experiences, especially with my first cruises.

So if you are a beginner, remember to also read the 10 things I wish I knew as a cruise rookie.


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