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10 Things You Must Never Do in a Cruise Cabin (Can Get You Banned)

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Your cruise cabin is your private spot on the ship, you can do whatever you want in there, but you still have to abide by rules that are imposed by the cruise line.

It’s a safety matter, for national and international regulations there are things that are forbidden on ships, and it’s the company’s job to check that passengers comply with them.

But what are these rules? And what are the things that you cannot do in the cabins?

I have selected the 10 most important ones to comply with, let’s check them out.

1. Smoke in Your Cabin or Balcony

Smoking area on a cruise
Smoking area on a cruise

One thing you absolutely should not do in a cruise ship cabin is smoke.

As you probably know, it’s strictly prohibited to smoke in cabins and on balconies due to the fire hazard it poses.

If you do not comply with this rule, there could be very hefty fines, and if done repeatedly, you could be disembarked from the ship.

Consider that cruise ships have smoke detectors in cabins and cameras filming the outdoor. On most cruise lines you will find designated smoking areas, and you can only smoke there.

2. Sit or Stand on Balcony Railings

balcony railing cruise
Balcony railing

Be very careful with the balcony. I don’t know why, but many people, seeing the water below, think that falling from a cruise ship might not be dangerous.

In fact, it is the exact opposite. Falling overboard can result in severe injury or death.

I guarantee you that most cruise lines will ban you for risky behaviors. it has already happened that someone climbed balconies or jumped into forbidden areas of the ships, and they were banned for life.

3. Use Open Flames

Cabin that caught fire
Cabin that caught fire

Matches and normal lighteners are usually allowed onboard, while all the other open flames are strictly prohibited.

For example, you can’t bring candles (even if it’s for a birthday), incense, torches, or anything else that emits a continuous flame.

If you really want to bring something, think about flameless alternatives like battery-operated candles.

4. Tamper with Safety Equipment

Life jackets
Life jackets

Safety protocols on ships are very precise, and it is essential that everything is in place.

Do not remove or tamper with life jackets, and do not cover or move safety signs, or other safety equipment in your cabin.

It is a crucial thing for the safety of everyone onboard and is taken very seriously by cruise staff​.

Usually, cabin attendants are required to check these things and will inform security if they notice anything strange.

5. Leave Children Unattended

Cove balcony with glass on the bottom
Cove balcony with glass on the bottom

Never leave young children unattended in your cabin, or worse, on the balcony.

This is a significant safety risk and cruise lines could take severe action.

Remember that, if parents need some time alone, many ships have kids’ clubs and babysitting services.

6. Take Items From Your Cabin

Mini size products on cruise
Mini size products on cruise

There is a bit of confusion on this point. Usually, there are some items that can be taken from the cruise cabin.

While other items cannot be taken home and must be left on board.

Generally, you can take all the small goodies, snacks, free things, and disposable things.

To get a more exhaustive list, check out the specific article on the 13 free things you can take from a cruise cabin.

7. Flush Any Objects Down the Toilet

cruise toilet
Cruise toilet

The toilet on cruise ships is very special and is different from what we have at home.

It works with a suction system, so it is really important not to throw any foreign objects into it.

To avoid problems with the plumbing system, remember to use only the toilet paper you already find in the cabin, nothing else.

You will usually find a small bin under the sink, in which you can throw away anything else from wipes to feminine hygiene products.

This rule also serves to ensure the proper functioning of the sewage treatment system, which then allows the ship to discharge some waste into the sea.

8. Be Noisy

Connecting door
Connecting door on a cruise (could be noisier)

Modern cruise ship cabins are soundproof, but still try to avoid loud conversations or loud music.

Keep noise levels low, especially at night, to maintain a peaceful environment for all passengers and to allow everyone to sleep well on the cruise.

If you disturb your neighbors, they can call the front desk and report it to the staff. Repeated reports could lead to a warning or even a disembarkation.

I know it will make you laugh, but once a German couple was made to disembark from the ship because they were making love too noisily. You can find the full story among the 7 reasons why you can get banned from a cruise.

9. Leave the Balcony Door Open

balcony door cruise
Open balcony door

Some people might like the idea of sleeping with the sound of the ocean, but I don’t recommend sleeping with the balcony door open.

First, on modern cruise ships when you leave the balcony door open, the air conditioning automatically turns off. Therefore, you risk not sleeping well because of the heat.

Second, there may be too much wind, especially if the ship is in motion.

Third, early in the morning you might hear noises coming from outside, especially if you are located below the pool deck.

In this case, I suspect you haven’t read my article on which decks are the best to choose on a cruise ship.

10. Bring Prohibited Items

Confiscated irons and steamers
Confiscated irons and steamers

The last thing you should never do is bring, or even worse use, prohibited items in the cabin.

Usually, high-wattage electrical appliances and heating items are banned on cruise ships because they can be fire hazards.

In this regard, I recommend you read the article on the rules for taking an iron on a cruise, the rules for straighteners and curling irons, and of course the list of items that are always confiscated.

In addition, If you realize that at boarding you have a prohibited item, simply hand it over to security.

Do not try to sneak it through. In that case, if they catch you, they may deny you boarding. It’s something that can happen and there are 10 reasons why you can be denied boarding on a cruise


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